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Nic Armstrong and The Thieves - Greatest White Liar

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    Introduction: Before I decided to listen to this I had no idea who Nic Armstrong was. A quick glance over at amazon tells me he is a 24 year old from the UK - with a strong voice who sings Rock'n'roll. This album is only out a few weeks - so most people are probably in the same boat as I am.

    1. I Can't Stand It - Upbeat, almost early 60s rock'n'roll sound to it - early Beatles kind of sound. Metallic sounding guitars. Nice throwaway song.

    2. Broken Mouth Blues - this one gives me a Bob Dylan / Highway 61 feel. High tempo, simple - good song. Classic rock/blues song.

    3. In Your Arms On My Mind - Initial few bars scream Nashville Skyline. But from then its like a low tempo generic 60s (Kinks maybe) song. I guess its a love-ballad.

    4. Down Home Girl - The music sounds like the Beatles' Taxman. There's a nice riff that comes in and out of it. There's no doubting that the style is excecuted wonderfully. The arrangement seems very very tight. However, I could say the same for some Beatles' cover-bands.

    5. On A Promise - Very high tempo stuff here. Almost a surf-rock sound. Again with most of the songs the lyrics are fairly shallow - but I guess for a large part that acurately reflects the music he is impersonating.

    6. I'll Come To You - Slow Roger McGuinn sounding song. I'm not appauled and I think its fine to listen to, but really - why am I listening to it? There are 1000s of albums actually from the 60s that sound like this, they were part of a movement, it was a new and exciting type of music that reflected that period.

    7. Back In That Room - Back to blues. I'm starting to tire of this album. I have a feelign this review is going to end up like that stupid 12 days of christmas thing they play on the radio. I went to the door today and the postman delivered a "partridge in a pear tree". What a thoroughly delightful gift. I couldn't have been more surprised. You're an angel....Listen good. What's with the "Eleven lords a leaping" on those maids and ladies? Some of these poor women may never walk again. The pipers ravaged the maids, and are starting to eye the cows. All 23 birds are dead...they were trampled to death in the orgy. I hope you're satisfied, you vicious jerk.

    8. Too Long For Her - Anyway, back to the "tunes". This evokes a rather large bland feeling in my trousers.

    9. She Changes Like The Weather - Remember the Brady Bunch Movie? One of the boys entered a song in a talent cometition. It sounds distinctly like this. Well, the start at least - there actually an interesting chorus.

    10. Natural Flair - I want to make this ****er listen to The White Stripes for a week and listen how to use the influence of an era, without copying it. Actually this is what the White Stripes would sound like circa 1965.

    11. Scratch The Surface - The only thing I can say is "meh".

    12. You Made It True - Really, I'm probably being harsh - individually these songs sound fine - but they have zero substance and bring NOTHING new musically to the table.

    13. The Finishing Touch - Kill me.

    14. Mrs. The Moraliser - I hate the title of this song - clever punny bastard.

    15. I Want To Be Your Driver - This is fantastic - this is the last song, I don't have to listen to this **** anymore.

    My Rating: RE

    Comment: Wow, what started off promisingly enough soon became a battle for my sanity. This guy has nailed that 60s Rock'n'roll sound (the pre Pet Sounds / Sgt Peppers sound). Neil Young made a similar album in the 80s called Everybody's Rockin' - it was a PIECE OF ****. This guy obviously has musical talent - but I can never ever under any circumstance listen to this album again. He should join a cover band - really.

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