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Poker Tournament Forum Rules - Read Before Posting Events (Updated 25/09/08)

  • 18-02-2005 11:58am
    Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 4,600 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Hyzepher

    The poker forum welcomes all information regarding upcoming tournaments, both online and at a venue. We are pleased that organisers or other better informed members see as an important forum to communicate poker related events.

    However, has a responsibility to its members and cannot be seen to endorse any event that could potentially cause any issue. Therefore, the following criteria must be met within the body of your post otherwise your thread will be closed and removed.

    Update note: It would be a nice touch if organisers posted results of posted tournaments.

    1. Who is running the event (organisation, society etc.)
    2. The purpose of the event (charity, commercial etc.)
    3. Date and Location of event
    4. Registration and Start time of event.
    5. Any prerequisites (member of club, society etc)
    6. How can tickets be purchased & is there a maximum number (in advance, at the door etc.)
    7. Type of Tournament (Hold'em/Omaha etc Freezeout/Rebuy etc.)
    8. Cost of entry and any subsequent rebuys/top-ups etc.
    9. Cost of registration
    10. % of entry fee/rebuys/top-up going into Prize fund
    10a. Is any money from the prize fund held back for future tournaments, if so, how much
    11. Any guarenteed prize pool.
    12. If applicable, Number of re-buys allowed and over what time frame/blind levels.
    13. Starting Chips
    14. Rebuy and Top-up chip amounts.
    15. Blind levels
    16. Blind timeframes
    17. Places being paid and if any prizes are other than cash (free entry to other tournie, merchandice etc)
    18. Are there going to be dealers - and their level of skill
    19. Will there be a documented list of rules
    20. Is there a tournament director
    21. How are disputes handled - who has final say.
    22. Are there any cash games offered, if so, please outline the rake for each limit offered.

    This list may seem long but if you haven't got the answers then there is a question mark over the professionalism of your tournie.



    In addition to the information contained above, anyone availing of this board to promote their tournaments are expected to answer all questions that are relevant, civil and politely put to them regarding their tournaments and the club policies in general.


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    OK, I have one thing to add to this.

    Once all the above are followed, people posting unhelpful comments are not allowed. If you think the reg fee is too high then don't attend. Posting rubbish comments on events where costs to the players are clearly outlined are unhelpful. These comments will be deleted and a warning given. Repeat offences will get a ban at the moderators discretion.

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    Questions 10a and 22 added to charter.


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