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Anyone remember the site Cogair?

  • 07-02-2005 5:03pm
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    It was taken down about six or seven years ago, it purported to reveal the malefactions of the great and good in Ireland. My fav was a local Cork politician who used to cheat by changing the score on his golf card at the end of a round. :rolleyes:

    Our guys almost seem childlike compared to some of the stuff that is purported to be going on in the UK.

    In the UK a lot of journalists, civil servants , post on open access forums based in the US, really unusual places. Some of the stuff that they claim is going on, (the real reason for Blair's unstinting support for the war in Iraq, etc) is as black as night. Scared the wits out of me. :(


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    These rumours are on fire in the UK. Make of them what you wish.

    A lot of it is traced back to the horrible Dunblane massacre and the perpetrator Thomas Hamilton. Apparently, he was both a procurer for and a blackmailer of the Scottish establishment. He ran youth clubs and holiday camps at which members of the political and judicial elites had access to children.

    Hamilton acquired an arsenal of guns with which he killed all those children. On applying for a gun licence he had been vouched for by several prominent politicians who would later hold office in the Blair government.

    The second element came about as a result of Opetration Ore, the British version of Operation Amethyst. According to the rumours, between two and four of the most senior members of the Blair government were identified by the FBI through their credit card details as having downloaded…..

    A large number of MP’s were also identified. This all occurred in the run up to the war with Iraq. The idea that a western government and the junior member of the coalition was so riddled with corruption and depravity would have destroyed any moral credibility the coalition claimed to have. It would also have been a devastating blow to the general body politic in the UK. So it went away.

    Now where is that out of date search warrant I left lying around? :confused:

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    link to the details please..i'm having trouble understanding exactly what you mean....

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    Remember only rumours, but they are raging in the UK.

    In broad terms, the guy who murdered all the children in Dunblane, Thomas Hamilton, facilitated the abuse of children by senior judges, politicians, barristers, in the holiday camps he ran. In return he was fast tracked for a gun licence by his buddies, even though he was patently unstable. He went on to kill 15 or 16 children in the primary school.

    The whole Operation Ore thing, several senior members of the Blair government along with a considerable number of MP's had their credit card details on Child P*** sites. The whole thing was suppressed in the lead up to the Iraq war as the Blair government would have collapsed.

    Just to show you how much stuff is kept out of the press

    Google "Blair's daughter suicide" and see what you get back.