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Jerry Springer The Opera - BBC Speading filth!

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    Its just like Romans In Britain all over again!

    BBC 2 are having a Jerry Springer evening on Saturday and the centre-piece is a screening of Jerry Springer - The Opera starring David Soul as the London born trialer trash king. The play is (im)famous for its foul language beating even The Commitments for frequency and range! :D

    The beeb have said they're not for turning, so I'll be watching hoping to be truly offended.
    Christians in Birmingham are planning to protest outside the city's BBC headquarters over a controversial programme which depicts Jesus Christ wearing a nappy and contains 8,000 swear words.

    The BBC plans to show Jerry Springer The Opera on Saturday despite being flooded with more than 15,000 complaints across the country.

    City Christians were today planning a demonstration outside the BBC's headquarters at the Mailbox.

    The leader of one the city's largest Pentecostal churches, Mike Royal, pledged: "If there's a protest, we will be there."



  • If the bible bashing nutbags are out waving placards it's always a good reccommendation.


    Just popped into work to get my post, I work in the BBC. There's about 50 People outside with banners, and there appears to be around 10-15 Priests outside too.

    I pissed myself laughing when I was walking towards the entrance. GET A ****ING LIFE/JOB, you wasters.


  • I wasn't particularily interested in it before - but now I will go out of my way to see it.

    The BBC MUST show it - can't give in to those religious nutjobs.

  • Should be good for ratings :D
    Shame it's on a Saturday night, I love how people can bash something before they've seen it for themselves - I wish someone would tell me how to think :(

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  • I'd Imagine they will.... or else they'll stick something ****ty on instead.


  • What a bunch of crap. Ch4 showed a programme on NY's night about Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and a comedy colaboration they did in the early 70's. There was more effing and blinding on it than you could keep up with. It was well after the watershed as I assume this show is also, and the viewer was warned about the content.

    I'm tired of placard waving idiots out trying to tell me what I can and can't watch. Fairplay to the beeb for doing this and standing firm on their intentions to air it...

    Lastly who the hell woulda heard of this without the controversy? It's like the Passion of Christ or similar movies that become blockbusters solely through "negative" publicity...

  • It must save broadcasters a fortune in publicity costs.

    I would say these are the same sorts who thought that c4 programme "Ban This Filth" was real.

  • The main nutcase, Stephen Greene, outside Televsion Centre has just been on fivelive and has threatened legal action against the bbc goveners! He sounds like a total headcase beliver.

    "its going to unleash a torrent of filth across this nation!"


  • I actually went to see the opera last april in the westend while i was in london and to my surprise it was very entertaining.Your always going to have ppl giving out about something.There was actually an irish actor in it too, cant remember the name though

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  • watched a portion of this and it was rubbish
    then i am not into opera either but it looked ****

  • Well I made it to the end without feeling the need to write a slogan in green marker. It was too long, about 20 mins could have been edited without loosing anything. Exellent performances and some good sequences, esp the tap-dancing Klansmen! The essense of the work is quite moral of course which makes the protests seem all the more foolish. But being foolish never stopped belivers before.

    I watched it with the subtitles on to aid understanding and it unusual to see so many c*@ts, ****s and so on typed out! :D


  • A friend went to see it when she was in London a couple of months ago and I watched it on her recommendation. I think I'll be having words with her because apart from the tap dancing KKK and the "ad breaks" I thought it was pretty boring. The operatic style of singing made it hard to understand everything that was being sung, and TBH I'm not a fan of shows where every bit of dialogue is sung. As for there being 8,000 swear words - methinks someone needs to learn how to count. All in all, a big disappointment.

  • zaph wrote:
    The operatic style of singing made it hard to understand everything that was being sung, and TBH I'm not a fan of shows where every bit of dialogue is sung. As for there being 8,000 swear words - methinks someone needs to learn how to count. All in all, a big disappointment.

    Thats why I used page 888 as for the swearing protesters/tabliod media
    simply multiplied the number of naughty words by the number in the cast (27 strong chorus) to arrive at 8000.


  • TBH I never thought of using the subtitles. As for the swear word count, I reckon you're right, there's no other possible way it could have hit that number.

  • Well I strolled past last night on the way to the pub. There were about 15 coppers and a riot van. The whole area around the entrance was sealed off and there were about 15 BBC Security guards outside too. I asked a police man later on if there had been any trouble at it... He didn't know, but he said that on Friday evening protesters had tried to get into the building.... Pity everything is broadcast from a server up the road ;)


  • i watched it and thought it was hilarious... got a little boring at parts, but the good bits were well worth the lag. Didn't think of subtitles either.. that really would have helped :/

  • Watched it but like others I felt it was a bit long. Funny in places too, hearing the words f*ck and c*nt sung in operatic style was funny at first but it got monotonous after a while.

    Without the "controversial" bit at the end it would have been a non event. At least it provides an outlet for those who love to ridicule and feel superior to members of any Christian faith.

  • Well we watched last night & we found it to be funny it was a bit hard to understand some of the dialogue at times but once you got used to hearing it sung it was fine - The BBC was carefull to put loads of warnings up both written & verbal & especially when it came to act 2 it did warn that it contained images of the devil & hell etc so I don't see why people complained TBH

    Also I believe that the religious regiment should realise that more people tune in because of the hype they cause when they decide to hold a protest!

    We enjoyed it no end! It made us laugh throughout so like the Jerry Springer show I would pay to see this live!

    Just my 2cents worth!

  • I enjoyed it - prefered the blasphemous second half to the first. Fortunately I thought of subtitles earlier on and I'm glad I did. It's quite amusing seeing the Satan vs Jesus one as "Fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu" "ta ta ta ta ta ta" for ages and ages.

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  • i only cought some of it but what i did see was very good. looks like britain is developing americana-syndrome, a bible belt of sorts.

    Christian Voice national director Stephen Green said: "If Jerry Springer - The Opera isn't blasphemous then nothing in Britain is sacred."

    He said the show was "much worse" than he expected when he saw it and said it portrayed Jesus as a "coprophiliac sexual deviant". A coprophiliac is someone sexually aroused by faeces.

    "[Jesus] proclaims he is a bit gay, he has this shouting match with the devil - it's just foul-mouthed tirades against the devil and against his blessed mother," Mr Green said.

    "The damage that must have done to impressionable young people is incalculable."

    What planet...? etc :rolleyes:


  • I'm sorry to say it but Mr Green is right.

    I watched it on Saturday as a liberal secular humanist. The next thing I remember is waking up on a hillside in Wicklow a few days later. I was naked in front of a satanic altar with a pint glass of virgin's blood in one hand and a sheep I had been sodomising in the other. I had the words "I want to chew on Pat Kenny's arse" painted on my chest in the aforementioned blood.

    How dare the BBC force this evil upon me!!!!!

    I have to go and lie down now before the splitting headaches come back and the disembodied women's heads come out of the wardrobe and start screaming at me again. :eek:

  • Who said Jesus wasn't Gay, into bondage, a man-woman... etc etc. Stephen Green should be arrested for anti homosexual comments.