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Making the next step up in Collection

  • 09-06-2024 9:42pm
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    Being mulling over my options for a long time now where to go next in my watch collecting journey. Last good watch I bought was Seiko Padi Turtle coming up on 2 years ago though I did buy a Solar Casioak late last year (but that doesn't really count!)

    Looked at a lot off different options the last year and even stopped for a while as I really couldn't make up my mind.


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    Okay! accidently posted while trying to upload pics and I can't edit first post.

    SOTC 3 Seiko Divers, Orange Monster, Padi Turtle and a Samurai. Stowa B dial Flieger is my only highish end watch. 3 G-Shocks, Traditional Square, Casioak and a G-Steel.

    Want's; very legible Diver, Ceramic bezel, Quick micro adjust on bracelet. I am half looking at interesting dress watch options also though.

    Short list for a long time was two Seikos.

    65MAS Save the Ocean, Really like this watch, great fit and love the dial while it does reduce legibility a tiny bit.

    Enamal Dialed Presage. This is a bit special for the money I think. High beat movement which you are into 3k budget to get one in the Seiko divers. Don't quite get that, I'd trade 70hr power reserve for higher beat.

    Other option I considered for a while is Doxa Sub 200 though I really think the new Sub 200T has superseded it. Classic Doxa design with a better bracelet. Undecided on colour, probably flat dial, Blue, Black and Orange is current order of preference. It ticks a lot of boxes for the money. One minor draw back is lume on Doxa's isn't up there with Seiko or the better swiss. Quick micro adjust on bracelet is huge plus.Very hard find watches in this price range with it. Couple of Certinas and Hamiltons have it but none are grabbing me. New Longines Hydroconquest GMT does and is very nice, but I'm into a whole other price range of options at that.

    The Doxa is an interesting watch and I like things that are a bit different. Not into brands but do like good engineering and design. I really hate with some of the big brands as nice and all as they are you really are vastly overpaying for the name and their marketing budget. Even Seiko are gone way over priced, when 3rd party watches and micro brands can use Seiko movements that are as good if not better for half the price you really do wonder what you are paying for. I do prefer OEM though so will stick with my Seiko options!

    Stowa Marine Arabic would be the other dressy option I was considering if I went that way, few Sins I'm looking at 104 and U series and they do have quick micro adjust becoming available on some models now.

    Considering spending in the 1.5-2k mark and was trying to look at if I went to 3k what I could get even second hand. I would have said a Speedy or Seamaster were the next grail watches but the RRP has just gone so nuts on them that even second hand the prices are just gone to rich for me. I had good look around the yesterday in Dublin to see what grabbed me and to be honest the Tudor Pelagos 39 is the only watch I really liked.

    It ticks so many boxes. I value legibility above nearly everything and love clean designs. I don't actually like metal indices on most watches I always find reflections from them reduce legibilty. Probably why I like my Monster and Padi Turtle so much they just have blobs of lume. The reduced size is a better size for my wrist and I like few less lines of text over the essay on the 42mm. Did like the 42 though also and could be persuaded second hand at the right price

    At €4850 new though it really is blowing the budget and absolutely no budging on price. It's too much at moment. I could maybe justify it for my next roundy birthday and with some financial assistance from my wife. It's a few years away though. At closer to 3k maybe I could stretch. 3.1 private and 4k dealer is lowest EU price I can see on chrono at the moment. It's so much money though I could buy 3 of the watches above for the price. I do really like it though but maybe I should save it for my 50th though they'll probably retail for 7k then!

    I could scratch the itch with something cheaper for the moment. Budget option is upgrade my Samurai to a King version, wouldn't cost me very much then get the Stowa Marine or maybe the Doxa.

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    If each were priced at a tenner, and you had to agree to not buy another watch for ten years, which would you go for? Can only pick one.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,423 ✭✭✭Ryath

    For a tenner? The Pelagos!

    Out of the other watches I'm probably between the Enamel Dialed Presage or the Doxa. They offer something different over the 65MAS. As nice as it is, better finish Diashield coating, more accurate movement and longer power reserve at 3 times the price of my current Seiko divers is it 3 times the watch? It's still just another Seiko diver as much as I love them I think I should branch out for this purchase. I can flip to a King version of my Samurai for about €150 that gets me Sapphire crystal and Ceramic bezel. The longer power reserve or accuracy are of little benefit for me as I do rotate watches.

    Sort of feel I need to see the Doxa Sub 200T in the flesh. I have tried the 300T and do like it a lot. The short lug to lug on them means I can wear it but think the new one would be a better fit. Really undecided on colour on them also. With the Pelagos from pics I was leaning to the blue but I much prefer the black in the flesh.

    Didn't post the Sinn 104a, not clear if it's coming with the new quick micro adjust bracelet yet. They are apparently running down stock of the old clasps. They are available on some other sites to buy aftermarket but nothing on Sinns site yet. It is a slightly chunky clasp. The one on the Doxa's is neater. If it's not available yet I probably would buy it on Silicone and pick up the bracelet later. It's another very tempting watch, very clean classic design tool watch.

    Edit; Sinn just replied to my query,  Models 103 / 104 - 144 St have the new clasp - and I have just seen that the models U1, U2 and UX already have the new clasp. U50 doesn't but should soon.

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    Chauffe, Marcel, chauffe!

    Tudor all the way!

  • Registered Users Posts: 22,280 ✭✭✭✭endacl

    I’d be after the orange monster, because I’ve always had a hankering….

    …but then I’d have to buy the other monsters, so that monster wouldn’t be lonely, and I just don’t think I could manage to sneak so much new stuff into the house without significant other’s significant eyebrow being raised.


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    Have a look at Damasko. They started off making hardened cases for Sinn, then made their own watches with ETA movements. These are IMHO the best value, now they make their own movement and are more expensive.

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