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Dsp holidays carried over missing

  • 06-04-2024 2:36pm
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    .I work in the DSP in year 1 cycle , my entitlement of holiday carried over to this year is incorrect ,i am short at least 3+ days .who do I contact in realation to this .Other people in the office have similar problem and our manager can not seem to be able to fix the problem


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    There was a new circular on carry over of annual leave issued in January of this year. The 3 year carry over cycle is gone, from the start of annual leave year 2024/25.

    More information here: NSSO - Carryover of Annual Leave

    The relevant circular is 08/2023 (opens as PDF).

    These changes apply across the whole civil service.

    (eta) As I understand it, you can now carry non-statutory annual leave days over into the new annual leave year. To carry over statutory annual leave days, you must make a case for "exceptional circumstances" explaining why you could not take all your statutory annual leave within the leave year.

    For example, a CO with 22 days A/L - 20 statutory days and 2 non-statutory.

    Statutory leave carried over must be taken within the first 6 months of the leave year into which it has been carried.

    Non-Statutory leave carried over must be taken by the end of the leave year into which it has been carried. (thanks, @Ciaran)

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    Hi, just to add to the above that in our Department there are huge delays in the NSSO actioning any cases relating to annual leave. It's the NSSO you'd have to raise a case to to query the issue, managers can't fix it and neither can your local HR

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    It's only statutory leave carried over that has to be used in the first six months according to the circular you've linked.

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    I was posting what was in the email I got from my Dept's HR in January! 🙄

    But I see that you are correct, I will amend the above post, thanks.

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    I don't remember my HR mentioning the first six months at all! Unlikely to be an issue unless someone is taking practically no leave for six months anyway I suppose.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,387 ✭✭✭Ezeoul

    I'd say there will be a lot of queries to HR Units on this subject over the next few weeks, when everyone is back after Easter.

    The website says there was supposed to be a transitional period for this year, but it doesn't look like that happened in the OP's case.