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Can anyone win against travellers?

  • 31-03-2024 8:37pm
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    Saw an awful interaction with a traveller and someone I know today. Pure awful. The traveller might come back and retaliate, looked to be drunk off his face so hopefully he doesnt remember who to come back for. Question does anyone scare them do u realistically keep safe if they come at you? Anyone have any experience. Personally ot probably wouldnt be worth it for the person to make a statement. Gaurds had been called.

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    Sorry to say this but absolutely nothing will happen if you contact the Guards. When they hear its travellers they scurry away and put their fingers in the ears and hope you go away. I've seen tough, genuine hard men who are Guards reduced to jelly by travellers so it's best to just hope it blows over. I know it's not right how one section of society can literally do anything they want but sadly that's the reality.

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    I got into a fight with a traveller when I was in school 25 years ago. At the end of the fight we said we were only messing with each other and that was that. As in he said he was only messing with me and I said I was only messing with him.

  • I worked in the Dublin library service, and I remember about 20 years back we were given an advice seminar on how to deal with people, and legalities that might arise. We were instructed that the people most likely to take legal action and succeed in @less serious” cases were travellers, situations where we might typically find ourselves. We were ad used that policy was to not apply rules to them as with others, eg fines.

    I actually knew one very decent, law-abiding Traveller who was appalled that they aren’t held to account like everyone else.

    Then a new computer system came in that disallowed waving of fines except for very specific occasions like death of a family member or long hospitalisation. In the old days you could leave a note on account: Avoid fines. New system you couldn’t do, so people who tended not to comply got banned from borrowing very quickly. More recently they abolished fines as they led to too many “minorities” being banned. How I wished that had been the way back then, would not have had to have endless stand-offs with patrons.

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    I went to bat for a man that did work for the travellers , big mistake , I approached paddy " blue eyes" whose a decent man ! However, the following week I was the pub , while out smoking, I arrived back to my jacket moved to another table and cheese placed beside my pint , in other words " fight me " or you're gutless ! Even in my prime I wouldn't take them on ! What disgusts me , is the man did quality work for a fraction of the price but they'll still **** you over at every opportunity ! PS , he never got paid !

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    I'm sorry to tell you OP, without knowing the full story,it's hard to say.

    Although I can say that travellers are only scared of 2 things. And neither of them are the guards.

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    Almost impossible unfortunately. For example take the case of the man who is being threatened with jail for building an illegal wooden mobile home on his own land in Tipperary. The full weight of the state is deployed to crush him. Meanwhile a few miles away just outside Clonmel a huge new halting site is being constructed on land that a traveller family recently purchased. Apparently they have tarmacked several acres and have already moved in a dozen mobile homes and sheds and there are a number of other family members supposed to be moving in from the UK and US where authorities have not been looking too kindly on their operations. No planning permission sought let alone granted. In reality laws like that simply dont apply to them. Nothing can be done in that case. In fact the full weight of the state seems deployed to protect them and crush locals who are objecting to the illegal development and are now being branded as racists and bigots.

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    Padraig Nally in Mayo gives me scant consolation ! And before the human rights chestbeaters start , you've no idea of the misery "frog" ward inflicted on that man ! He deserved both barrels !

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