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Possible false claim

  • 14-03-2024 11:15am
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    I'd like some advice on what happened to me this morning.

    I took my daughter to school this morning. At the parking I was driving in reverse and at one moment got really close to another car that was on the edge of the road marked with double yellow line. The driver of that car got scarred I'm gonna hit her car so she used the horn to warn me. I saw it in my reverse camera and stopped. I didn't hit her car and just moved to finally park my car. She then approached claiming I hit her car. She showed me the damage on the front of her car, but I showed her the back of my car where there wasn't even a scratch. Anyway, she took a photo of my insurance disk and the photo of the damage on her car. I also took photo of her disks, her car damage (and on double yellow lines), but also a photo of the back of my car showing no scratch there.

    I'm a novice driver and my premium is already high enough. I'm worried about her making a false claim, and if it would affect my no claims bonus. I don't know is it enough to show the photo proving my car wasn't touched to protect me from this claim ? She bought her car (it is used car) just a week ago. I don't know if she genuinely believes I hit her car and wasn't aware of the damage on her car, or if she is trying to cover for a damage she made earlier on her newly bought car, trying to convince me that I hit it.

    Anyway, what is the procedure here and can I effectively defend myself in this case ?


  • Registered Users Posts: 25,362 ✭✭✭✭coylemj

    Why do you mention that she was parked on double-yellow lines? Are you thinking (as many do) that if she was not 100% legal that it somehow makes her liable (or more liable) if something happens?

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,389 ✭✭✭cml387

    Your insurance company will deal with it. You have informed your insurance company I assume?

    You show pictures of no damage and describe the incident as you saw it. It's up to them to sort it out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 82 ✭✭Selenophile

    I think that insurance companies don't pay your claim if you're "not 100% legal". I maybe wrong, but I got that impression from some T's & C's I read some time ago. I may be wrong about it.

    No, I haven't informed insurance company. I'm waiting to be called in case this lady submit claim. I'm still counting she will understand that the damage on her car was made elsewhere. (In an odd case she was just trying her luck to cover for the damage she made earlier and was aware of it, I hope she understands that without any proof, she can't claim anything).

    Thanks both of you for your answers.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,296 ✭✭✭tomhammer..

    As above

    Tell them what happened and let them deal with it

    No control over others actions

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,389 ✭✭✭cml387

    You are obliged to inform the insurance company of any possible claim against the policy. You are taking a chance that the other party will take it no further but if they do you don't want to be in the position of not having told them.

    This is a quote from my policy:

    You must inform us within a reasonable time of any accident, injury or damage and send to Us any information about the

    accident or claim as soon as you receive same. You must complete an Accident Report Form and supply any information and

    assistance that we may reasonably require. All information provided by you or on your behalf shall be the truth.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,296 ✭✭✭tomhammer..

    Ya ya have to inform them

    Risks a cancellation otherwise

  • Registered Users Posts: 82 ✭✭Selenophile

    So I see everyone is in agreement I should be proactive and contact insurance company. I guess I should do it then after the holiday.

    I find it strange, because there was no accident, nor physical contact between our cars. There is only the other driver's belief that my car hit her's.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,729 ✭✭✭thomas 123

    people that jam up towns up and down the country for running into chippers and ATMs should have no protections when their idiocy leads to damages. scum bags above the rules the rest of us have to follow.

    obviously there are genuine emergencies or really good reasons but let’s be honest that’s the 1% if even.