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How to get to know an EirCode?

  • 07-03-2024 11:13am
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    I'm Italian and live in Italy. I used to write greeting cards a couple of times a year to an Irish address.

    The last time was a Christmas card, I posted it early in December, it was returned to me two days ago because of insufficient address, which was the same I have always used. So I believe that the EirCode is now needed. The fact is that I don't have this bit of info and can't contact the person in any other way.

    This person lives on a N road and has no door number, but until a year ago all worked fine.

    As far as I have understood, each house has its own EirCode. Is this true?

    I tried to use Google Maps, right click on the house and then click "What's Here", but I only get the GPS coordinates and no EirCode.

    Is there a way to get the EirCode of a house? What other issue would it be other than the EirCode?

    Thanks a lot!



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    Every house/apartment gets an Eircode but An Post don't use them for local delivery.

    But they're all public info, you can look them up here:

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    This is the official site for finding them if you have the address:

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    Edit: Corrected.

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    Why not just ask the person who lives there?

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    An Post DO use Eircodes.

    They're used for automatic sorting, can be useful for vague / unclear addresses but they're not mandatory.

    Postmen / Postwomen obviously don't use them for local delivery, as they are only working with the top line of the address on a known route. That's true of pretty much every postal service in the world. However, putting an Eircode on the envelope is useful.

    If the envelope was returned with insufficient address information, it means that it didn't get past the automatic sorting stage and it couldn't find any address for the delivery, so it never even got as far as a route.

    OP: you should check you actually have the correct address. A lot of rural Irish addresses are just utterly vague: i.e. "Anne Other, Mysterioustownland, Co Kerry"

    I don't understand why people keep repeating an urban myth that they don't use them. It seems to have been pushed by that extremely annoying account on Twitter that had it in for Eircode. Every time you mentioned the word Eircode it seemed to trigger that account to bombard you with explanations as to why Eircode was utterly useless etc etc.

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    My apologies, you are correct. I was repeating an urban myth. For my sins, I will tell every person I meet today that An Post does use Eircodes.

    • The Eircode for the address should be the last line for mail generated within Ireland and the second last line for mail generated outside the country

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    It's usually fairly hard to get An Post to reject a letter. They're typically pretty flexible about inaccurate addresses.

    I'm just wondering if they're beginning to rationalise the costs. It's quite expensive to manually process letters i.e. they have to be scanned and someone has to look at a screen and figure out the address e.g. bad handwriting or missing components of an address.

    Or, they're rejected and manually sorted.

    It's possible they're just automatically rejecting more letters if OCR scanning system can't figure out the address.

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    When you check you will see that it shows a geographic address & a postal address which may be different. Use the postal address for mail.

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    A relative of mine worked in a post office once and he said that if the address isn't exact, your best bet is that someone in the local sorting office who knows the area might take the time to manually adjust the address on the envelope to make it more precise. But if nobody bothers, it gets rejected. So it's basically a lottery.

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    Eircode finder won't work for you if the person only has a townland in their address, in the way that most rural residents do - e.g. Tom Murphy, Ballymore, Gorey, Co. Wexford.

    It doesn't know which precise house in Ballymore that Tom Murphy lives at. And any system that could link eircode to a person's name would have to be updated every time somebody moves in or out.

    Will only work in such cases if the person has assigned a name to their house - e.g. if it's Tom Murphy, "River View", Ballymore, Gorey, Co. Wexford, then you can search for "River View".

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    Wow, that's amazing, I found the Eircode for that house. I hope that using it will sort the matter.

    Thanks so much!

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    Amazing tool! Thank you very much, I hope this sorts the matter.

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    As I said above, I do not have any contact but their home address, which I always used and it always worked. This time my letter was returned, so I thought that it was because I didn't write the Eircode on the envelope.

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    What I can absolutely rule out is a bad handwriting, all the people that I know praise me for my accurate, clear and precise handwriting, especially in capital letters.

    The person to whom I sent the letter was one of those cases where the address is vague, sort of "Mary Murphy, Down There Road, Ballysomething, co. Mayo".

    Thanks for your explanation.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    I checked, in my case both addresses are the same.

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    Thank you for your time, very much appreciated.

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    If you 'do not have any contact' .... can you be sure that they still live there?

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    No, I'm not. But if they moved and someone else is living there, the return reason would have been "the addressee does not live here anymore" or something like that.