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Kidneys issue or too much worry?

  • 03-02-2024 5:30pm
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    Hi everyone, i want to share my story and ask for some helpful opinions if possible.

    Doctors are saying that i’m fine, nothing to worry in relation to my kidneys…but i can’t stop worrying and developed a terrible health related anxiety which thank God it’s better and manageable now.

    Will try to keep it short:

    Male living in Ireland, 33 old diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 22. Been on biologic treatment for 2 years with adalimumab(Amgevita name or Humira in US), before that on different tablets like diclofenac, sulphasalazine, celecoxib for years. 

    For almost a year now, i’m experiencing pain in the flank, on both sides, on and off…it’s more like a sound pain that it’s just there and causes lots of discomfort.

    Had couple of kidney stones throughout the years which ended up in two surgeries to remove them, one at the age of 18 and one at age of 30

    On top of the pain i experience or experienced constant tiredness , dizziness sometimes , trouble sleeping which improved lately , loss of muscular mass+weight(3 KG over the last 4-5months) also, foamy urine and headaches in the evenings. 

    Had been seen by my urologist and based on CT scan and ultrasound, blood results he ruled out any issues with kidneys even if they discovered again a stone on the same kidney where i've had stones before…

    According to them the location and size of it shouldn't cause any pain or issues and they won't deal with it yet…

    Now...due to my auto immune AS condition, my bloods are constantly watched(every two months). 

    I just want to ask if all these results below are showing anything out of the ordinary and if together with my constant symptoms can be pointing to something major with kidneys? I'm constantly worried that something is wrong with my kidneys…

    Been to my urologist last time in December and again, he says that everything is fine, there are no issues and no need to intervene in any way but i'm still feeling so unwell....

    Had even a colonoscopy done which came back very normal to rule anything out in that area.

    Had a brain CT scan which came back also very normal.

    I’m attaching here some of the recent test results over the last few months, some of them are in romanian language(done back home)…apologies for this. 

    Any help or opinion will be very appreciated.

    Many thanks!


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    I used to be on Humira for Ulcerative Colitis, before I had a full colectomy. Presently I have progressive MS. I’m well used to reading my own blood work, and keeping records of it. Yours all looks fine, I wouldn’t be worried about it at all. Regarding eGFR, mine is 40 and has been declining , many things trying to compete to finish me off!

    When I had colitis flank pain was part of it due to location of as e ding and descending colon being located there. but I had lots of other chronic bowel symptoms like passing blood.

    Your blood work shows you have no kidney damage & your medication is working positively to control the Ankylosing Spondylitis.

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    I'm not a doctor but I had kidney failure, was on dialysis and eventually had a transplant. Creatinine is important when monitoring kidney function and yours looks perfect!

    I would keep a diary of your symptoms so you can discuss with your consultant or GP at the next appointment and explain your ongoing anxiety to them. They would be best placed to advise about next steps.

    Anxiety when dealing with life and chronic illness happens to us all with conditions at some stage, but you have to trust your medical team, remain positive and take each day at a time.

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    OP no one here can give you medical advice.

    Talk to your GP .