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Yer Dog

  • 06-09-2023 10:49pm
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    Can't remember a thread on yer good are bad are they.what kinda dog are they.we ve a great dog here that replaced another good dog with the last 2 years.i wouldn't be great to train them but they seem to be able to train themselves once you have a little discipline and restraint yourself.this fellas guilty pleasure is the jeep,he absolutely loves it and wants to go everywhere and you can see he s sad when he's left at home.he comes in every night and if you don't watch the divil he ll end up in the spare bed for the night.the big difference with this dog is he's very attached to the kids whereas the last was very much my dog


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    I’ve a young dog and he grand , Rough as hell if you let him though and you have to be gruff and put a few fxxks into him keep him under control but he a monster if challenged and blood will be drawn. I had a bitch before him and she got hurt and retired now but she was a joy to work with cattle or sheep and brains to burn but didn’t have the straight up power of the current dog. So two very different candidates here

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,252 ✭✭✭Cran

    Great dog here was bought after doing nursery trial’s over the winter in 2019/20 I think, was only 16 months when got him prob younger than wanted but has turned out a cracker. Believe he did okay at the trials but he is big & strong out in the yard prob reason wasn’t kept to trial.

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    I've had some good cattle dogs over the years. Years ago I had a great collie dog but he was sensitive if you raised your voice at him. He would go straight to the nearest hedge, cock his leg and it was like he was giving you the two fingers.

    The best cattle dog, guard dog, ratter/mouser and overall family pet by far is the Rottweiler bitch that is my avatar photo. She was one in a million and I doubt I will every come across the likes of her again. She worked until she was 13 years old, retired for over a year before I had to get her put down by our Vet.

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    It's a long time since we had a dog.

    As a teenager my brother brought home a light brown smooth haired terrier from the seaside, the dog had been following him around all day. We had that dog for years, he was unique in that he instinctively guarded property. Staying with cattle in an outfarm, or anywhere machinery was left behind. One year he was found in the meadow guarding a hayfork. Poor little fellow must have had great confidence in his own ability. No other dog replaced him or could.

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    "Rough as hell if you let him though and you have to be gruff and put a few fxxks into him keep him under control "

    That's a bit weird!

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    He's right....they can be sensitive... u got to be careful when they are young.

  • Registered Users Posts: 960 ✭✭✭sonnybill

    He just eager and wants to get hands on and with sucklers he has to learn keep back enough distance that cows they don’t want all out war and happy to go into pen or next field or whatever. He is learning

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    Anyone at Blessington today, wasn’t the day for running dogs tbf

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,321 ✭✭✭arctictree

    Our bitch is great once she gets around the sheep. She started doing this thing recently of stopping on her outrun and just staring at the sheep, have to really shout to get her going again and then she stops again. Eventually she gets around but she used to just do it in one go. Any advice?

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    Terrier here, loves the jeep. I was parked in the village on Saturday left the dog in it and 2 female cyclists rode down the street and yer man stood on the horn as they passed. I reckon he was a trucker in a previous life.

    If the seat's wet, sit on yer hat, a cool head is better than a wet ar5e.

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    Ah, the old "it was my dog that honked my horn missus" chestnut.

    He was probably feeling bloated after eating all the homeworks 🙂