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Renting from someone with some potentially harmful views?

  • 19-08-2023 12:34am
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    Hi. I'm looking for somewhere to live in a few months time. It's a small village where I work so I would need to be located here (I can't drive) - problem is there is not much to choose from (I'm not sure how long I will be here so I'd like to not have to commit to something long-term). I Found somewhere suitable and I decided to google the landlord's name out of curiosity (probably bit creepy and not very neccessary I will admit).

    They look to be part of a religious organisation with some potentially anti-LGBT views (worse than the RCC I'd say), although I have no certainty that the individual in question shares these opinions. My question is would it be right for me to give this person money for rent while I'm aware of these opinions - it doesn't make me very comfortable.

    I may have some "potential" other options but there's no certainty that these will go anywhere and I do need to get this sorted soon. Could do with some advice here.


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    It’s a small village and you need to rent somewhere. People have diverse views. That’s life. People are generally nice especially when you get to know them.

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    All you need from this landlord is for them to be a decent landlord - you’re not marrying them.

    Unless you have reason to believe they would try and coerce you into joining in (extremely unlikely) then press on with it.

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    OP - are landlords not free to hold whatever personal views they wish as long as they are reputable landlords who fulfil their end of the contract? Did the person who served you a coffee hold views about immigrants that you might find objectionable? Maybe you shouldn't buy a coffee? Perhaps the last barman who served you believes Muslims are bad for western society? Should you not buy a drink unless you are happy with their views?

    The point i'm trying to make is where do you draw the line. Should people not be free to hold views that you oppose and still make a living? I would hate for Ireland to become as adversarial as the US where people try to ruin businesses because of their stance on social issues, or where they dismiss and dehumanise their opponents (eg demo-rats and deplorables, snowflakes etc). Over their there is not attempt to find common ground. No attempt to say we have more things in common that that which divides us.

    I believe Christians' who actually follow teachings of Jesus are told  " Hate the sin but love the sinner." Its a pity that particular concept in in short supply recently. But it is one that i find to be a good way to live.

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    It's worth remembering too, that when push comes to shove, most people have far far more conservative views than they are willing to admit.

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    Id actually argue the opposite . For years in Ireland gay people either left Ireland of their own volition and came back on visits or settled without any problem .

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    Everyone is a liberal until the have to pay CGT. 🤣


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