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EV's and VTH or VTG.

  • 07-08-2023 5:46pm
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    Well now.

    Are there any cars on the market (or hackable with the right knowledge) that would allow vehicle to home/grid charging? Basically fill your 5kWh home battery from your 30kWh car battery?


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    All the E-GMP vehicles from Hyundai have it. Some MG's and VW's also have it

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    Thanks Del.

    Most of them seem to have Vehicle To Load, which to me seems to be running appliances/devices from the car.

    Only the Leaf is mentioned as having the Vehicle To Grid capability, which to this ignoramus, means has a bigger/faster discharge speed for charging your house battery?

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,678 ✭✭✭zg3409

    Vehicle to load is somewhat common on many newer EVs. (As opposed to vehicle to home or vehicle to grid( Its not intended to be compatible with permanently wiring to the house wiring, more for powering small appliances when away from home or for emergency at home during a power cut to power the fridge and kettle for example. Typically they use the charging port on the car, preventing the car from charging while supplying power.

    Leafs have a chademo connected option very expensive that uses DC not AC.

    In terms of wanting to charge your home battery using the cars battery there is no easy off the shelf solution. Rumours are the European standard may be up to 7kW AC bi directional and that some VWs have the hardware but not the software. Also connecting to a home requires the home side to meet not just European but Irish rules for inverter type power. Similar standards to solar.

    Rumours have it that VW want to launch in Germany first with deals with energy companies and the grid, where VW would make a profit from allowing the service, and then approving or guaranteeing the cars battery from many charge discharge cycles. They could extend battery warranty and make the chargers and dischargers smart, where cars can feed to and from grid and home to maximise the income based on grid minute to minute pricing.

    In terms of what you want it might be possible to connect say the 3kW AC out of the car to a battery charger for house battery. You have to be very careful not to connect AC to house AC as they won't be in phase, and the car may not be able to charge. It may also breach regulations especially if what you are charging is not fully isolated from the rest of the house.

    I assume you want to steal work power and bring it home?!

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    $11,000 vehicle to home charger, 6kW, Japan only (I think they use type 1 connector). The car would need to be compatible too.

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