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Speedplay unwanted unclipping

  • 18-06-2023 9:21pm
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    I have used speedplay for years and never had issues until recently. The platform always felt firm but now there is a big fear of unclipping when sprinting. When pedaling it feels a little like they are on ice.

    There is rolling side to side movement on the pedals and I'm wondering what that means ? I presume it's not normal ?

    Have videos which I can't upload here, will try and get them elsewhere and link to them


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    How old are the cleats? There is a spring inside the cleats that wears out eventually which could be the cause of the rocking you are experiencing and the unwanted uncliping

    Another thing to check would be making sure the bolts on your shoes holding your cleats in place are tightened correctly.

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    That lateral play is usually the spring, the speed play cleats have the retention system in the cleat itself, and over time the metal clip wears away and introduces more and more play.

    How old are the cleats?

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    One of the cleats was put on for the first time recently along with the base plate it attaches to and there is still rocking.

    I tried loosening of the cleats screws a little to see if this made a difference but it didn't

    The pedals however are quite old and I wondering could this have an impact ?

    I tried another set of old pedals but the result was the same.

    I've 3 sets of speedplay pedals but made a decision some years back to not invest any more in them. While I ordered new cleats fairly recently from Amazon the last of my 3 sets of pedals were purchased March 2017. Apart from pedal wear (which isn't obvious when looking at them) I wondering has some incompatibility been introduced between newer cleats and old pedals.

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    That deffo looks like a spring issue,

    Obvious things to check would be a broken spring and is everything assembled in the right order.

    From your vidoes it looks like its happening on both sides ie crank side and non crank side.

    Was the rocking there with the old cleats and new cleats?

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    One side is a new cleat and the other side old and it's happening on both. Being using non speedplay pedals recently. It's hard to remember the exact sequence but the worsening has been progressive.

    I'm inclined to think its the pedals but aren't completly sure. Came across

    "To address an issue with older Speedplay pedals where the pedal body would wear out over time and cause a “rocking” sensation, Wahoo has added a metal plate to the pedal body. The plate replaces plastic that was previously at the interface where the cleat clips on"



    "On the subject of wear, the original Speedplay pedals suffered from problems on the pedal bodies, as they only had a steel ‘bowtie’ across the middle for the cleat spring to clip onto."


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    I had something very similar happen BUT it was on the Chinese version. Turns out the screws that hold the pedal body together came loose. Maybe try and see if there is a bit on movement on them .

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,563 ✭✭✭harringtonp

    Hadn't thought of that, will check that tomorrow thanks