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Civil Service Holidays

  • 30-05-2023 3:11pm
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    Just a query if i carried holidays to year three and i got this years holidays do this years have to be used before end of March 24?


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    Any unused leave from this year can be carried into Year 1 (i.e., next year). However, if you carried over leave from last year (Year 2) and only take your statutory leave this year, you will lose this carried over leave.

    From an NSSO email issued in February:

    "Under the terms of the Annual Leave Circular 27/03, annual leave is broken down into the 4 different types and taken in the following order:

    1. Statutory Carryover Leave
    2. Statutory Leave accrued current Year
    3. Non Statutory leave accrued in current year
    4. Non Statutory Carryover leave

    If you are in Cycle Year 3, Carryover of leave is restricted to the remaining balance of annual leave accrued in the current leave year only. Non-Statutory annual leave carried into Year 3 is the last leave to be taken in the leave year, and if you do not avail of your full annual leave entitlement by the end of the leave year, the non-statutory days carried into Year 3 will be forfeited.

    Line managers and Local HR departments do not have discretion to approve applications via the NSSO for carry over in excess due to business needs.

    Exceptions may be applied, with the discretion of HR or management, to allow carry over in excess of what is otherwise allowable in instances where an officer has been on extended sick leave or maternity leave during Year 3.

    If you meet the exception criteria, or have leave remaining from that accrued in Year 3 that you wish to carry over, please discuss your application with your line manager and with their approval, log into your NSSO account, click on Annual Leave Carryover and complete the e-form.

    See the Annual Leave Carryover section on the NSSO website for further detail and examples.

    Carryover of Annual Leave is subject to the provisions of Circular 27/2003 – please specifically note paragraph 14 for an example of carryover in Year 3 and paragraph 15 for the order in which annual leave must be taken"

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    When i look at my balance it has combined all the days into year 3 ?

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    If you're an NSSO client, then you can usually see a further breakdown by going in as if to apply for leave (on the page where you choose the dates) - unless this was changed recently.

    You can't carry out of year 3 without forfeiting a significant amount of annual leave, and most people wouldn't be in a position to carry out any at all.

    This is because of the order in which leave is taken ‐ the non‐statutory annual leave carried out of year 2 is the leave used last in the cycle, and is always forfeit at the end of year 3 if you don't use up all of your annual leave.

    In a very basic example, if you carry 4 days into year 3 (having carried 2 into year 2), which is added to a standard 22 days leave for 26 altogether:

    - if you then use 20 days during the year, you can carry 2 out of year 3, but would forfeit 4;

    - if you used 22 days, you would forfeit 4 and not carry any out;

    - if you used 25 days, you would forfeit 1 and not carry any out.

    I've left out some nuance by not including year 1, and by leaving out the difference between statutory and non-statutory; but that would only come in to play if you had a very large amount of untaken leave, so I've focused on a basic scenario.

    If you were out on maternity or long term sick leave during a lot of year 3, then protections may apply.