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Best way to book a Taxi

  • 25-05-2023 7:11pm
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    I need a taxi to the airport early tomorrow. Last time I took a taxi I just phoned one of the local taxi services and then the taxi never showed up. I though maybe its because (in addition to the taxi company being completely incompetent) that its because they expect bookings to be made via apps nowadays rather than over the phone so I downloaded Lynk.

    I put in the details of the journey and the pick up time tomorrow morning and hit the 'Prebook' button. I was expecting to get details of of the car that would pick me up etc. but instead under the 'My Bookings' section in the app I see 'No Active bookings' on the 'Active' tab but my booking is listed under the 'Upcoming' tab. So I'm confused about how this works, have I made a definite booking or will the app just farm out this request to any available driver at some later time tomorrow (possibly when its too late) ?

    Is there a better app/way to make a definite booking for a definite time tomorrow morning that will send me a link so that I can know how far away the car is tomorrow morning ?




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    There is no way to pre book a taxi. All a "pre booking" does is put your request on the system at the time you booked, it's still up to a driver to accept your booking or not.

    At busy times taxi drivers don't use apps or company systems as they can take 20% of the fare, so the taxi drivers just pick up from the street and get 100% of the fare.

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    Can confirm – I had a pre-booking not too long ago that turned into a driver who approached my location over 5 minutes or so then cancelled when 2 minutes away. If you have a reliable local provider phoning them for a booking is the way to go.

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    You probably got sorted, but for others who may happen across this thread in years to come - I used the pre-book on FreeNow a few weeks back for an early morning trip to the airport and got confirmation of my booking from the driver in about a minute

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    Ring my local taxi company the evening beforehand…

    never let me down in the ten plus years of using them. For early AM runs to….

    airport, train station, town and hospital and I’ve never been let down.

    It’s been so easy dealing with them… don’t bother with the apps these days, got a new phone and just didn’t download it…. Ring the cab crowd and the service and professionalism is always 1000%… clean cars, professional courteous drivers and early/on time pickups….

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    I've been using FreeNow, I normally book the night before. The confirmation about 30 mins before it arrives is great for peace of mind, also like the tracking of the taxi on a map as it arrives to collect you.

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