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How Would You Invest €550k?

  • 15-05-2023 9:54pm
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    Hi there,

    I put a small investment into a friend’s startup a number of years ago that has now sold and I have received €550k after taxes.

    I am trying to decide what to invest the €550k into now.

    Please note, I already have 3 other small investments in other tech startups, so I would like to diversify my very small investment portfolio to something other than tech startups.

    I also have a reasonably good job that enables me to save a considerable amount each month, so thankfully I do not need to use the €550k as disposable income (holidays, cars, etc).

    What would you invest €550k into today?

    I have listed some options, but I am REALLY keen to hear how others would invest €550k.

    A - Property: buy 2 small properties and rent them out (Pro: small monthly earnings on an appreciating asset (long term), Con: I could do without the headaches if managing tenants or overpaying a property manager to do so)

    B - Stocks: not really of interest to me, as I believe you need to invest long term to gain and outweigh the inevitable dips over time. I would like to invest into something that has a short to medium gain / return (and I am not interested in crypto stocks… just not for me)

    C - Cafe: I have the opportunity to buy a cafe (inc building) for €400k, that has turned a €160k net profit last year… Pro: good yield… Con: headache finding someone to run it in a time where hospitality staff and next to impossible to find.

    As mentioned above, I am really keen to hear how others would invest €550k - thank you.



  • Registered Users Posts: 9,327 ✭✭✭Shedite27

    Goes without saying that you should be getting financial advice outside of Boards but seeing as you're here...

    1. Diversify
    2. Index funds for the majority, not sure where you're hearing about the stocks, you can put it in a index fund and live off the dividends/growth
    3. EIIS funds is one to look into, 40% tax break

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,933 ✭✭✭tesla_newbie

    I’d put it in two or three investment trusts

    JAM ( Jp Morgan American trust )

    polar capital ( a largely tech fund )

    city of London investment trust ( a very conservative but high dividend trust )

  • Registered Users Posts: 543 ✭✭✭doctorg

    are there any EIIS funds you would recommend? and or websites/brokers

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    Well by definition anything short term is volatile and/or high risk...

    Having said that I'd probably look at splitting it up in several different assets and put it into the cheapest global index fund possible (buy over 12 to 24h months at a regular amount each month), classic art / classical cars / collecticables (if you got the space for it and being conservative, i.e. no computer games or similar but comics, trading cards, stamps, coins etc.) and gold (don't necessary need to hold it at your house physically). It diversifies your investment and I'd look at them as a future pension. I know that's not your stated goal but I'm a believer in that by the time I retire the pension may not look as good/generous as it does today and I'd like to have my own pension set aside for those days.