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The Real Consequence of ChatGPT and its ilk...

  • 05-05-2023 8:57am
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    [Not a parody]

    As a retired specialist in the field of AI, who is reading all kinds of mixed messages in the media and in chat forums I thought I would unmuddy (or muddy some more) the water.

    1) Human intelligence can only be replicated through human reproduction.

    2) There are many ways of processing data (knowledge), which is why there is more than one animal species. If there is to be an intelligence that processes data faster, better, more efficiently than humans then it won't be a human intelligence.

    3) The aim of AI is not to create cyborgs that look like humans with special powers but to create a world that is optimised for machines and for humans to adapt to.

    4) Most humans in the developed world are robotic in their actions; at work and when relaxing. Humans are creatures of habit but they are also highly adaptable. It is far easier to create a machine intelligence that humans can utilise and adapt to rather than a machine that can do all that humans do.

    5) As humans interact with machine intelligences it creates a feedback loop whereby the machine intelligence learns from the human operator; adapting the software to make the operator adapt more efficiently and so on. GPT4 (the engine underlying ChatGPT) is learning from its interactions with humans. It's a simple and elegant way for machine intelligences to learn and how DeepMind's Alpha engine learned to become a Go and Chess expert.

    6) The future will see a world that is optimised for human/machine life, where the "robots" are human and their software is machine intelligence that optimises human activity, doing the "drudgery" of thought whilst adaptable humans act as a man/machine interface with the environment.

    7) Most jobs will fall by the wayside unless they are of use to machine intelligences. Capitalism is about getting the most bang for the buck so machine intelligence is the best way to optimise investment capital. Communism/Socialism treat humans as robots so no solace there either. Maybe the reason why we see no signs of intelligence elsewhere in the galaxy is because other civilisations created machine intelligences that did away with them.

    Good luck!


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    What about Sarah Connors?

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    Fcuk Putin. Glory to Ukraine!

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    Sounds like that was written by ChatGPT