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Selling cows in-calf, Test over 6 months

  • 25-04-2023 9:45am
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    Hi all another question,

    I'm after scanning cows that I hoped were empty but it turned out weren't. The herd test is under 12 months but over the 6 months, can I still bring these to the Mart ? Will buyers be put off by the test not being within 6 months

    Thanks for the help


  • Registered Users Posts: 302 ✭✭Rusheseverywhere

    Yes but be little interest to no interest. I say test them privately. Not dear 100 should sort it. No cull cow fattner will want them aprt from feedlot and IMO they not want them either unless dirt cheap.

    Market for old cull cows in calf not great. The other option is estrumate them depending on how long in calf and rescan

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    What ages and condition are they?

  • Registered Users Posts: 179 ✭✭futurefarmer

    Thanks for the replies,

    One is only 6 weeks gone 12 years old so Vet can sort her I presume

    The others are between 4 and 6.5 months and are about 10 years old

    It's not a great starting point to untangle !

  • Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 1,880 Mod ✭✭✭✭Albert Johnson

    You can sell them no problem but the purchaser will have to test them if they intend on keeping them to calve down or resell. The one that's only 6 weeks gone I'd either estrumate or sell through the dry cow ring and announce "As running with bull and no guarantee". The purchaser will most likely be a cull finisher who's going to estrumate her and probably won't be worried about her 6 months Tb test due to being what's termed as a feedlot herd.

    As for the other's there too far gone imo to estrumate and will have to be calved when the time comes. Having a recent Tb test for them would definitely be a bonus as it will save the purchaser having to test them. The biggest issue with those sort of stock is that there really neither one thing or another at this stage. There not a dry cow but there not a "springer" for another 3-5 months either.

    Traditionally you'd see dealers buying the like of them at right money to graze for a few month's and sell when springing down and more saleable. The new 6 month's Tb rules have affected that trade a bit and you could find it hard to achieve there full value atm. If you had place I'd be inclined to graze them until nearer calving and attract a wider audience of potential buyer's. This would also allow you the opportunity of getting them tested either on you're annual or a private test.

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    I would think you were better off calving those ones that are well on in calf. They would get a bad do in the ring at their age. If you could calve them and had a bit of room. Give them a lick of meal for 6 weeks and sell them split from calves would be one option. Else rear the calves to weanling rather than runner but you’re into a longer term idea there. All depends on what you can do but I would think they are at their least sellable as they are now.

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    You can claim "the cost of the test" on Agfood.

    Dept have agreed to cover the cost of one of these test per year for each farmer.

    They should be paying the vet directly though..