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Can I bring my Dying Mother to Eire from the UK without court order

  • 13-03-2023 6:37pm
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    I have searched the categories and still not sure where to post this, so please bear with me if this is in the wrong forum area. 

    I am in a rather desperate situation, literally trying to save my mother's life. 

    A year ago my elderly mother was incredibly fit and healthy living independently in her own home, then the local council via one of their indolent incompetent social workers ( a liar and a crook too but with too much power to ruin people's lives ) came to my mother's home because of an issue with my mother's neighbour ( this neighbour was antisocial ). 

    This social worker over exaggerated and deliberately trumped up the condition of my mother's mental health, and the social worker made the criminal statement that my mother was hallucinating about the neighbour ( an absolute lie, and even the neighbour has admitted the things he did because even he is astounded as to what the social worker has done to my mother ). 

    This led to my mother being taken from her own home and put on powerful antipsychotic drugs that she does not need. 

    As soon as my mother was put on these highly dangerous drugs ( drugs that are banned in most countries to be used on the elderly ) her health took an immediate massive nosedive. 

    Now, now after a year on these highly dangerous drugs my mother is literally on death's door, going from an incredibly fit and healthy person to a wheelchair-bound thin frail husk of her former self, unable to breathe properly and giving up the will to live because of her horrific inhumane cruel treatment at the hands of this inhumane system. 

    Myself and the rest of my family vehemently protested about the whole situation, but we were utterly and completely ignored, and kept at arm's length as the social worker was free to lie and manipulate to her hearts content to cover up her own incompetence and negligence, and to this day this social worker still lies and fabricates to protect herself, and she gets away with it because she knows how to manipulate the system. 

    We the family complained about the social worker and the crafty crook put my mother under the court of protection ( in eire there is something similar called Ward of the State or some such ). 

    This corrupt court of protection has been easily manipulated by the social workers lies and so has taken control over my mother and has literally left her to die on these evil drugs. 

    So to keep this post as short as possible ( but obviously I can furnish more details ) my request for help and advice from this forum is thus-- 

    My family want to take our mother from the UK and bring her to a great property we can arrange for her in eire, ( where she will be looked after like a queen by her family and provided with everything she needs, including private medical staff, we would even volunteer to make her a ward of the state in eire just to prove to the court of protection that we are doing everything that could be demanded of us ) before it is too late and her health deteriorates beyond the point of any possible Recovery. 

    Obviously my family has appealed to the court of protection regarding the near criminal decline in my mother's health in the space of a year, but yet, and despite two consultants and a doctor saying that yes the drugs are causing my mother's health issues, this indolent corrupt court of protection judge refuses to do anything, instead leaving everything up to, surprise surprise, the criminal social worker, and she will never reduce or stop my mother's drug regime because she knows that if it is uncovered that my mother does not need these drugs and yes indeed they are severely damaging her health, then this social worker will be found out. 

    What I have outlined above may sound like something out of a crime novel, but honestly, myself and my family in dealing with this social worker ( and the local authority Who back her up ) and now the court of protection, have never ever come up against such a criminal mafia type organisation, the lies and deceit and corruption is utterly astounding ( the mental health system in the UK kills nearly a thousand innocent people every year through negligence, cover-ups, and corruption and abuse, and by Jove myself and my family can completely understand how this happens having had to deal with this system for the past year ). 

    Enough is enough now for myself and my family, we have been put through an absolute nightmare having to watch our innocent mother, one of the nicest people you could ever have met, literally being killed off by the state. 

    So my question of this board is what will happen if we the family just take our mother from the UK to eire without asking the permission of the kangaroo court of protection ( which is a private Court in the UK, not a criminal Court ), will the UK drag my mother back and try to punish we the family ?, 

    as eire is an entirely independent country from the UK, can the evil court of protection trump up some nonsense to pull my mother back into the living nightmare she is currently undergoing ? 

    If I get my mother under the ward of the state in eire as soon as we get her into the country, could we somehow thwart the court of protection in the UK this way ? 

    In a worst case scenario, would myself and my family be committing any kind of criminal act by taking our mother to a better life, would eire extradite myself or my mother back to the UK ? 

    Surely there would be some kind of process in eire where they would investigate themselves as to the condition of my mother and what we the family have put up with for the past year, before just bowing down to the UK and obliging in basically what would be a kidnapping of my mother back to the UK ?

    To save my mother's life this is my only option, the UK is currently an absolute shambles, corruption is rife, those given any kind of authority or power are often negligent and are more than happy to lie to cover up, and the general member of the public, such as myself, cannot get anything done whatsoever, there are no organisations to appeal to because they have all been stripped of their power or are either closed down because of covid, and trying to get hold of a solicitor to help us is like trying to find a unicorn, 

    Seriously, ive never known the UK in such a state of terminal decline as it is right now, it is like a Banana Republic, and the Common Man has no rights or power to stand up against any inJustice's and iniquities heaped upon him.

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    Go to a solicitor and see if they buy that.

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