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Height of parapet on pitched roof shed

  • 22-02-2023 10:26am
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    I am constructing a shed in my garden, it will be a pitched roof which is allowed a 4m maximum height. Due to oversailing issues I need to construct a parapet to one side of the roof - has anyone come across any legislation restricting the height of the parapet (likely it will be at about 3.2m) as I know a flat roof can only be up to 3m? I can't find any information regarding maximum height for the perimeter of a pitched roof shed?

    Many thanks!


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    is it part of the boundary wall?

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    Yes, it would be built up to the boundary?


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    Built up to the boundary, or built as the boundary?

    Important to be specific as both have different height exemptions.

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    Apologies, there is an existing blockwork wall which forms the boundary. We would be extending this wall up to be a parapet and lining it with insulation internally. So it is built as the boundary. Thanks!

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    Having your block built boundary wall as one wall of your insulated shed is a terrible idea. Making it 3.2 metres high is even worse.

    Rain on the other side of the block wall will soak through through the blockwork like a sponge, and into your shed. Which will make your insulation useless (possibly worse than useless). Even if it's adequately rendered on the other side to keep the rain out, there's almost certainly no DPC (a separate damp issue), and the foundations are unlikely to be adequate for a 3.2 metre wall Vs the current 1.8 metres or so (more weight & more wind..) which raises serious safety issues.

    Also, if it's the boundary wall, it belongs to both property owners. So the (current or future) owner of the property on the other side could object to the 3 metre high wall (which would need planning permission- exempt height of a boundary wall is 1.8 metres). They're also entitled to do what they want on their side including (for example) building a raised bed, which would definitely cause damp issues in the shed.

    It would also probably cause potential issues when selling the property (planning, plus lack of clear documented consent to build on the party wall).

    Most if not all of these issues can be eliminated by building a new wall set back maybe 500mm from the boundary wall and building a new wall with appropriate foundations (and external render).

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    Thanks for your advice. Apologies I didnt explain it properly but the existing blockwork wall is 215mm thick as it forms the external wall of an existing flat roofed shed. I take your point regarding the rain, there doesnt appear to be any damp issues in the shed at the moment but I will look at that further. We were hoping to re-use the blockwork wall but I take your point regarding foundations , it may be better to just set it back and construct a new wall.

    Do you have any knowledge though if it is acceptable to put a parapet that is 3.2m high on the shed as long as the pitched roof is max 4m?

    Thanks for your help.