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Washing machine from Power City broken after 9 months - what are my rights?

  • 13-02-2023 4:34pm
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    We purchased a washing machine from Power City last June. It's now broken and leaking water everywhere, so can't be used. We are now handwashing some clothes and bringing the remainder to the washing machine and dryer in our local Circle K. There are 4 of us in the house. When I went into Power City last week to report the issue, they said it would take 10 working days to get it examined by a service engineer, that the service engineer would have to say it is broken before we could get a replacement. I said we couldn't do without a washing machine for 10 days. They said then they would book it in urgently. Then they rang me - I rang the number back it was Power City - there was no message left, and when I rang back, it was an automated message saying to contact them online - no one to answer the phone. Then I contacted them via their online form online and via web chat to say it was pointless contacting me and not leaving a message or contact number as I only accessed my phone at work during break-times. In the meantime, my son went to their shop in Coolock and asked if the issue could be sorted urgently. They said to my son they would ring me on Monday, they didn't. Then eventually someone from Power City's Customer Service Dept rang me back on Friday to say that the washing machine had been booked in wrongly in the store in Coolock as a dishwasher, and that someone from their service engineers would ring me on Monday, today, to make an appointment to come and look at the washing machine, but of course, they didn't. What are our rights in this situation? 10 days without a washing machine is a long time! I paid for the washing machine by credit card, can I ask my bank re charge back? I find their customer service awful. I certainly won't be buying anything from them again. Any advice greatly appreciated!


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    Ring the consumer protection agency, but to be honest, I’d go into the shop and make a fuss. I’d lay out your rights, and at this stage I would demand a new machine. Goods must be of merchantable quality and fit for use. 9 months out of a washing machine is rubbish, you have rights and you can ask for a repair refund or replacement. They should offer you something that is agreeable to you both. If they insist on a repair tell them then they can pay for laundry for you till it’s fixed. Be tough with them. You should also put things in writing so email their customer services too, and thanks for the heads up Op, I certainly won’t be buying anything from power city. I have 0 time for bad customer service companies.

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    You can't do a chargeback as its time limited.

    Also Power City have to determine that its a manufacturing fault and due to mis-use. Did you check the manual for what could be the fault of google the issue. It could be something causing a blockage or it might be a simple valve issue

    as for the suggestion to ring consumer protect agency - waste of time, they will tell you the exact same thing. Going to he shop and "making a fuss" - you simply make a fool of yourself.

    You cannot and they will not pay for laundry whilst the machine is out of order - again utter ridiculous mindless advice.

    They did ring you back and you missed that call. That's not their fault. But things then went wrong. Call back again now and maybe give them the number of someone in the family that can take a call.

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    Did you register your machine with the warranty?

    I had a similar issue, rang the agent who registered the call and an engineer was out 2 days later.

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    your main question was what are your rights.

    you are entitled to one of the 3 R's - Repair, Replace, Refund. You don't get to choose which remedy. if retailer offers one of them remedies under law they are meeting their obligation.

    As the machine is fairly new it would be assumed the fault was there at the time of manufacture, unless the retailer can show otherwise. It is likely that power city will opt for a repair. if it is repaired then it has to be permanent and within a reasonable time. the reasonable time is not specified under law. a A few weeks wouldn't be unreasonable.

    It may be an inconvenience - but the law doesn't really cover this. 10 days does not break the retailers legal obligations. 10 weeks might do so. As i said the timeframe is not set under law, and you could take a case to small claims court if you feel they do not fulfil their obligations.

    Hope that clarifies.

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    Is there an error code coming up on the washing machine? - often if you have the code the issue can be fixed yourself by google and watching youtube ( unless of course parts are broken). It could be due to something simple - check this out before creating a fuss.

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    Bank won't entertain a chargeback for this for multiple reasons.

    What brand is it? Any of the legacy brands that are still that actual brand (and not e.g. Nordemende which is a zombie brand) usually have far superior access to repairs by going direct.

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    So our Samsung washing machine broke during covid. I'd registered the machine with them when I bought it from DID.

    Rang Samsung and they had a guy who fixed it within a couple of days. Did not go near DID. The machine was a few years old and under the 5 year manufacturer's warranty. The motor is supposed to have 10 year warranty.

    I was surprised how good the service was. Great service engineer and easy repair via Samsung.

    I was not expecting that at all.

    So, maybe try the manufacturer.