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Current regulations driving between here and UK?

  • 10-02-2023 1:39pm
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    It's mainly Covid regulations I need to check, and whether I'll need a car insurance green card (or whatever they might be called these days), if they still exist!

    I'm simply driving to UK in 2-3 weeks (via Dublin-Holyhead ferry), staying a week or so, and returning the same way (no onward travel, even beyond Wales this time).

    It's been 4 years since I've been able to travel by any method (it was pointless keeping up with the shifting regulations meanwhile).  And it's a headache trying to get up-to-date with them, especially with so many out-of-date web pages out there (from all parties concerned, including the HSE), including undated pages.  Hence asking here before searching again!

    I'm a Brit, resident in Ireland for 30 years (though not naturalised), with a UK passport.

    Re Covid, I'm aware of probably having to get my mask out for the ferry and various other places, but will I need a Covid test done these days, for either direction?  (And if so, what kind?)  My latest Covid vaccination cert (twice vaccinated, thrice boosted) is in my phone (I'll also have a printout or two).

    I'm confused about the Green Card (or equivalent) situation (can't find any info in plain English!).  Same problem last time I looked into it, and I was able to download a printable one just in case (but that was years ago, just after the Brexit referendum result).

    I think I have the other stuff covered, e.g.  Passport valid for another few years (taking the original with me just in case, along with a copy or two of the relevant pages).  Car insurance, NCT & tax are up-to-date and I'll have proof of Irish address on me, and photographic proof of identity - they live in my handbag anyway (Irish driving licence, medical card, public services card).

    And I know to make sure I leave loads of extra time for delays on the long drive to Dublin and check-in.  I'm just trying to remove as many stressful uncertainties as I can (strikes and cancelled sailings are enough to be going on with!).


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    There's very, very little you have to worry about - Nothing at all for Covid, masks, passes etc. All gone.

    I'm Irish but live UK, so the reverse of you, travelling back and forth several times a year. The only thing I ever had to check was with my insurance company, making sure I am covered (which I am, up to 30 days driving outside UK iirc)

    To give you an example, my December trip home, nobody checked anything at all, just gave my booking ref. number to the kiosk, handed a ticket and rear view mirror hanger in return, off I went. Upon arriving in the Holyhead, waved straight through the check point, as was anyone else in my queue.

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    I know that bringing plants, seeds, cuttings etc back here from the UK is a no-no for the general public (at least it was last time I looked). But do you happen to know about meat and dairy products, e.g cheese (assuming not in wholesale quantities)?

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    For anyone else wondering about green cards, I found a solution in an older discussion, to visit the website of the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland, which has updates. A search there for 'green card' got 2 identical-looking results, "Brexit and Green Cards FAQs. Neither page has a date, but the first one's out-of-date, and the second one obviously more recent. It says that following something or other, they're no longer necessary for travel in UK (let alone the insurance certificate as well!), and all that's needed is a valid Irish insurance disk on the windscreen.