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Alarm upstairs?

  • 07-02-2023 6:42pm
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    Currently have no alarm upstairs in a two storey house. Putting in a new system on ground floor. ....don't particularly want alarms on the windows it the norm to have alarms on windows upstairs? Is there any reason to get them?


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    you can have part settings.

    Yes when house is vacant

    Mod best moved to alarm section

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    Do people really break in upstairs windows?

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    Probably not very often. But if there's any way to access the upstairs windows like from a shed roof or extension roof, then there's a risk. There is less chance of someone forcing an upstairs window, but if you leave it open by mistake, it could be as good as an open door. So fitting contacts will ensure the window(s) must be closed before the alarm can be armed.

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    Not sure about other companies, but Phonewatch put motion sensors + cameras in the landing upstairs as well as the hall & another room. More reliable than window/door sensors which can be tricked easy enough I understand: a burglar could enter the house anywhere but isn't likely to stay in one room only, and will trigger the alarm as soon as they leave the room they enter by.

    But if your alarm is just a noisemaker, it's much of a muchness really.

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    Phonewatch don't have a great reputation on here. They'll go for the easiest option and sell it like it's the best on the market.

    I think good perimeter protection is the best option. If you rely on a motion sensor in the hall or landing to trigger the alarm, then it's already too late, they are already inside your property. Best to make sure the alarm is triggered if they attempt to gain entry. Shock & Contact sensors on all windows and doors will provide a high level of security.

    You'll get good advice in the Home Security Forum.

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    What's wrong in particular with Phonewatch? I do see their customer retention strategy is....questionable, but that sort of thing can invariably be easily resolved with a stiff middle finger in my experience.

    I see where you're coming from on the perimeter sensors etc, and ideally there'd be internal & external sensors: once a system based on a strong perimeter is breached anywhere, it's breached everywhere. Well placed internal sensors can effectively protect most of the building, regardless of where the breach occurs. Ideally there'd be both, but if I'm choosing one it'll be internal.

    Unless the alarm system is monitored effectively, it may as well not be there. And honestly, it would be worth paying Phonewatch just for the fire/smoke/carbon monoxide alarm— I consider it a small price for peace of mind (and that's after a €300 bill from the fire brigade a few years ago for a false alarm where we didn't answer the phone quick enough when cooking Christmas dinner...).

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    They install the bare minimum number of sensors. In the past anyway, they usually just installed a shock sensor for each downstairs window, shock and contact on doors and a couple of internal motion sensors. All opening downstairs windows should have contact sensors. If not, it's possible to arm the alarm with a window fully open. A careful burglar could gain entry without tripping the shock sensor.

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    Hi, when we bought our house years ago we were broke and could only afford sensors downstairs. Have motion detectors on upstairs landing