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Calpe tried and tested gpx files anyone?

  • 04-02-2023 3:05pm
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    Breaking with Easter tradition and not going to Mallorca this year. Booked Calpe for a change. I'm sure we'll be fine to follow our noses and I've checked out some routes online etc but in past experience some such routes can be hit or miss.

    Is anyone here has tried and tested gpx files outta Calpe and wouldn't mind sharing, that'd be great! ☺️


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    Nico was there for a spin yesterday, you could try his route

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    No harm to come back to this post-visit and contribute constructively for someone else looking to go.

    We rented Giant TCRs from a place called startwithbike in Calpe and it turned out that they had a variety of GPX files on their own website to download and they all worked really well, so it's a one-stop shop really:

    First off - the lad in the shop was fan-bleedin-tastic. He basically gave each of us a full bike fit, no joking, and I've rarely been as comfy on a bike as I was on the the TCR I had for the week. Fair enough I've had a tcr in the past and I'd have a good idea of my own fit, and I brought my own saddle, but to be given a bike that's not yours, fitted to it and to be let off for a week and experience no discomfort whatsoever (apart from training doms obviously) is astonishing. - We were on the bikes all day every day for 7 days. 30 to 35 hours actual riding time, 750 hard kms up. No twinges in my neck or back, or shoulders. Nothing. -In fact I'd definitely consider going back to a TCR again.

    As to the bikes themselves - TCR advanced pro disc, mechanical ultegra. The ultegra was, as you'd expect, flawless. The small to big ring front derailleur change was as instant and crisp as I've had on ANY set up. Really really good. Being disc, they're a bit heavier than any of my rim bikes and a good deal heavier than my good bikes, which was fine most of the time, but you definitely felt the weight once the gradient went to double digits and especially when you're out of the saddle and swinging the bike underneath you. Felt like a lot more weight going from side to side. The wheels were SLR1s, tyres were Giant Gavias 25mm tubeless. I can't say that I noticed that they rolled any better than anything else I've ridden and sure the roads surfaces are great there anyway. In fact actually, because they were running at lower pressures I found them a bit "squidgy" feeling in the corners and I wasn't that confident in them as a result. Felt like the tyre was moving around y'know the way. Disc brakes were fine. I can't see any advantage at all on good, dry roads. But sure that argument has been had and we are where we are! :)

    The star of the show though was Calpe itself. The roads are amazing. Once you left the main thoroughfares you pretty much had the roads to yourself. It was like going to Mallorca but booking the entire island exclusively for yourself. Honestly, you could go 45 minutes and not see a car or bike. Also, the respect and patience of the drivers was bordering on embarrassing. It's just a different world, an alien planet. However they have managed it, I'm sure it's been done over generations, but EVERYone understands the hierarchy of road user. Pedestrians rule, then cyclists, then drivers. All week, not one beep, not one close or dodgy pass of any kind. On a twisty road, you could have a car behind you for 5, 6 minutes or more, and not on your ar$e, they hang back and wait, and wait..... and wait..... and then pass when they get chance and WAY over the other side of the road, almost exaggeratedly so. It has to be seen to be believed. I can't imagine what it must be like to come from Spain and go for a cycle in Ireland experience the total lack or respect by comparison.

    And then of course, there's the coffee stop prices, where you just laugh out loud when you get a bill. Just one example, yesterday we stopped and ordered 8 drinks between 3 of us. An Americano, 2 cafe con leches, one espresso, a sparkling water, 2 coke zeros and a large 1.5L bottle of water.


    We had an average of 21 degrees pretty much every day. Shorts and summer jerseys was all you needed. Maybe a gilet starting out, or on a descent or 2. One day we had 26-28 degrees and that felt hot hot hot.

    In conclusion, a magnificent cycling destination.