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Non-"trainer" employees training others

  • 04-02-2023 12:12am
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    Just looking for how ye people may react. The training of new hires was a single week to cover something that should take months, due to the number of different products they would need to learn and understand how to do basic troubleshooting at a network level. No qualifications or experience needed either... So it looks like they're doing what they did the last time and just expecting us to train them as they encounter stuff. Well, no. I did it with the last 2 and they've both left because it was above their level of understanding, and after a year still couldn't do it.

    It was never in my contract, and it was an extremely frustrating time for me because my work basically tripled (my own, check, and do theirs with them). I'm not doing it again. Mainly because I don't want them (who, btw, are... ahem... cheaper employees who are not based in Ireland) to be able to say "PM told us this is how it's done". I want zero responsibility for this and I believe it's within my right as I'm not trained to be a trainer. This isn't helping new people, this is showing them how to do it from scratch with no prior knowledge or experience. They need training, not help.

    I can't see them getting proper training because it just doesn't appear to be the way this multinational company works. Which is shocking and making me stand my ground more.

    Anyone ever encounter this? I'd be willing to train if they sent me on a course to learn how to be a trainer (I have little patience so I don't think it would work anyway) but also for an extra 33K as this seems to be the average rate for a trainer in Ireland (Google, so probably wrong as the term is so broad). I'm only on 30K myself so not like I'm high up, I'm the bottom of the ladder. What do you think would be a reasonable contract update/request to do this extra work, as I can see them trying to push it on me. The other 2 working with me before this crowd are... not good so they won't be asked. In fact I'm sure one of them has dirt on someone in here because he does actually nothing and gets away with it. Actually, they probably will ask him and he's do a terrible job and I'll end up picking up everything again...


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    Since you have done this work before.... have you brought it up with your manager/team lead, discussed it at performance reviews? highlighted that you need training etc? and if so what was the reaction?

    I don't think expecting them to pay to send you on a trainers course and up your salary by 33k is realistic, but if that is what you want then it's time to start looking for another job.

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    I would tread carefully before making demands. It appears they don't value experience or people, and they don't over pay. Do a few interviews externally, find out how the market values your skillset and experience. Then reassess.

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    Ah twas written in anger. There's no proper training and they leave it up to colleagues to teach as they go. It hasn't worked with the previous 2 they hired (one of which quit and the other is intending) and now there's loads in the same boat. Demands are unrealistic but the values are real to me, I know I would never get near that. But the issue is there's nothing in return, just maybe a slightly higher bonus, if the company makes enough millions. We're there because we need to be but they don't seem to care beyond that, quality control is non-existent and there's no emphasis on the extra fluff work than the main customer impacting work. But it suits my hours and was grand up to now because I was usually by myself and it worked fine. Just extra expectations beyond my role for nothing in return.

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    What happens if you simply don't do the extra work?

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    My reaction is that if you are bottom rung in the company then just do your job and laugh at them if they try to say you are responsible for the training of others, and if that is a problem then leave and get one of the many jobs that will pay more than 30k. I don't know where you are based but in our company of 110 people 30k would make you the lowest paid employee outside of apprentices.

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