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  • 03-02-2023 1:58pm
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    Note: I’ve read the forum charter and realise that people can’t give professional legal advice on here. I’m planning to do my own digging on these questions as well, but I’m just curious if anyone can have a go at answering even some of them, or if anyone wants to share their own experiences or whatever. Thanks in advance if you write a response!

    • Is it allowed to buy a site (e.g. a field without any kind of dwelling on it), park a caravan or mobile home on it, and then live in the caravan or mobile home? If yes, is there a limit to how long the caravan or mobile home can be parked there?

    • Does the answer to this question depend on what county the site is in?

    • Or, is it only allowed to live in a caravan or mobile home on a site that already has a dwelling of some kind?

    • Does the answer to this question change depending on...

    a. how long the existing dwelling has been derelict? (e.g. a few months vs. a few decades)

    b. how derelict it is? (e.g. whether it’s liveable but a bit mouldy vs. a complete ruin with no windows, walls, or roof; or whether it’s considered currently safe to live in or not etc.)

    c. what county the site is in?


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    Friends bought a derelict house and have been doing it up brick by brick themselves. They had to get planning permission to put a mobile home on site while the work is ongoing

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    These would be questions to ask the relevant local council. Generally you would need planning permission to place a caravan or mobile home on a site for the purpose of residential occupation, whether there's an existing house on the site or not. It is very unlikely you'd get that permission if you intend that to be a permanent arrangement. It is possible you might be able to get permission to set up such a temporary dwelling for a strictly limited time on a site containing a derelict dwelling that you are in the process of refurbishing, until the works are complete and the dwelling in question is suitable for habitation again. If you are taking the piss and leaving your caravan or mobile home sit there well beyond the agreed time frame while you occasionally hammer a nail into the crumbling ruin of a cottage on your land, the council will eventually catch on and will probably tell you to pack it up and feck off.

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    I have seen mobile homes left on sites for decades in this country. Doubt if planning was sought.