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Best 'money no object' setup for TV in Ireland?

  • 24-01-2023 4:07pm
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    If cost is not a worry what is the absolute best way to watch TV in Ireland?

    The best range of channels, the best delivery system, the best technology, the best reliability and any other factors (internet etc.)...

    We're in central Dublin and are currently Virgin customers.

    Also, we'd like somebody to come to our gaff and set everything up. I'm tech-literate but not bothered with dicking around with boxes/dishes etc.

    Remember, money no object...

    Thanks in advance!


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    Also, to add. We do not want any sports channels...

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    We can't give a platform for people to pitch their business to you, personally.

    You might try Richer Sounds as a starting point.

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    What kind of space do you have? For example, could you go full home theatre with a projector, screen, blackout etc.?

    If money is no object, does that include the ability and desire to remodel the space for best results ,,- screen placement, seating arrangements, acoustics etc?

    Do you want your system to double up as a decent audio system?

    Do you want to just watch TV, or are you including streaming services in that? Any desire to watch movies, and, if so, what proportion of TV vs Movies?

    How important is sound to you? Multi channel surround audio? Better than cinema quality bass and height?

    There's a lot of questions to answer around your watching preferences, environmental flexibility and the lime. It's not just about buying and installing 'the best' kit, it's about finding the best solution for you needs, and they need to be fleshed out a lot more

    And if it's money no object, you know there are systems and set ups that can run to hundreds of thousands of euros, if not more. You really do need some kind of budget, or you'll be sold esoterica that might not meet your needs. Or worse, snakeoil.

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    Generally sky glass is a good system but screen size is limited. In terms of content you cant beat sky glass or sky q. It can also integrate netflix and various players.

    To get the best out out of Sky you need a new dish, with at least 2 feeds to the TV. You need good broadband, virgin media broadband is ok, but ideally fibre to the home. Anything claiming 500Mb should be OK.

    With sky q you can record 5 things at the same time and watch back in multiple TVs in multiple rooms at different times.

    In terms of TV and sound or surround sound it depends on size of room, location of TV and what you want in terms of redecorating and hiding wiring.

    Beware the monthly recurring fees can be high, as in paying 100 euro a month forever.

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    Firstly, thank you Meep for your detailed reply!

    I now realise I should have been more specific in my original post, I mean to ask for the best range of channels and the best delivery system for same(e.g. cable, dish, Sky Glass, whatever)

    I'm happy to choose a 4K telly, surround sound system etc. myself. My query is all about the channels.

    And, again, no interest in sports...

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    That being the case, it's hard to look past SkyQ;

    Excellent HD and, when available, UHD picture quality

    Multi channel audio, when available

    Slick and easy to use user interface

    Record up to 6 channels simultaneously

    Super reliable and rock solid with very little stuttering or picture breakup

    Decent set of built in apps

    Multi room capability

    On certain channels, if you miss the start of a programme, the box will offer to download it.

    There are a few drawbacks, such as price, and limited customisation, and you can get a lot of the above with other systems, but having been through a few of them, the convenience and ease of use of SkyQ is head and shoulders above anything else.

    I would stay away from Sky Glass, unless you really want it. It's an average quality TV. I feel it's best to decouple the source from the playback device(s) as this gives maximum flexibility in equipment selection.

    I also would not like to be 100% reliant on internet for my TV, even though things are moving that direction. With SkyQ, if satellite is affected by,say, bad weather, at least you can access apps etc via internet, and vice versa if your internet is down for any reason.

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    Sky Q is fantastic, virgin medias TV offering is extremely poor imo.

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    What's your trick to making money?

    Lots of us would love to be in the situation you are in @OP.

    Live long and Prosper

    Peace and long life.