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The rules based order

  • 18-01-2023 5:14pm
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    Been hearing quite a lot about this in various big speeches the last couple of years. But what is it exactly ?

    Who sets these rules, who has agreed to them, who do they apply to and where are they wrote down so countries know what they are ?

    All roads lead to Rome.


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    You obviously haven't been hearing quite a lot about this as you seem to know feck all about it. As do I.

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    The "Rules Based order" IMO as it is understood in terms of geopolitics is extent came into being with the treaty of Westphalia.

    It is the framework within states recognise the sovereignty, suzerainty and sometimes even hegemony of other states.

    It is shorthand however for the current dominant geopolitical reality.

    From Westphalia, through to Aix La Chappelle, the Congress of Vienna, the Treaty of Paris and on to Versailles, and after the end of WW2 the UN treaty and the particular economic power ceded to the Breton woods system all play a role in governing how nations interact with each other in war, peace and trade.

    The notion of the "Rules based order" is championed by many as it is what's known, the conservative status quo. It only changes really as the result of peace settlements following massive conflict. Where the decline of a great power is underlined both by their defeat and a subsequent reapportionment of the defeated nations influence and power. Usually to the benefit of the victors.

    That's a quick, dirty shorthand answer. I do think that it could be a great question for ChatGPT tho 😉

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,227 ✭✭✭brickster69

    Excellent, thanks. I imagined something post WW2 than originating from a 400 year old agreement. I may well start at the beginning with a couple of book purchases.

    All roads lead to Rome.

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    In the current situation, doesn't it refer to the rules made to favour the USA in the economic & financial spheres? The one that is being challenged by the rise of China in recent times?

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    The Chinese were asking the same question at the UN last week, they seem confused by what this rules based order people keep going on about actually is as they do not have a clue either.

    All roads lead to Rome.

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    I think a closer reading of that text shows that they have a very good idea of what is involved. The confusion - if any - is around how these so-called rules are applied to suit the needs of one single very powerful state that is struggling to maintain its hegemony.

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    Its shorthand for do as America tells you.