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Alcohol - medical treatment or not?

  • 16-01-2023 8:27pm
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    Hi there,

    So, over the last few mths I have been drinking between 2-4 cans of beer per night - mostly just 2.. with mayb 4 on a Sat night, with the odd night without.

    I was with my psych Dr. today, and he suggested a 3 day treatment with Librium.. I am v scared to do this as I know it will knock me out - I am v petite and low threshold for meds.I spoke to my previous Psych Dr. about this and he said I would prob not need treatment. I am v eager to stop drinking for a few days at least but my current Dr. said not to.. that I could get v sick - even seizures? Really? with the amount I have been drinking?He really put the wind up me. So now I dunno what to do.

    He gave me a prescription.. said to start when I feel ready.. but until then, to drink 1 can each night - or every other night. I definitely do not want to go for in patient treatment. My goal is to eventually be able to drink socially.This habit has just crept up on me (for personal reasons)..

    Please, facts only.. maybe those of ye with experience or training in this area.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Do you feel its just become a bit of a habit or do you feel it's effecting you health wise, family, social etc. Say for example if you stopped yourself like if you haven't had a drink for a day or two do you feel any ill effects? It's hard to tell because I don't know you or your routine. It's also hard to tell because some docs will throw prescriptions at an issue before looking into things properly. If you find you get very anxious, jittery, worried etc. When you haven't had a drink or are late having you're usual drink then maybe librella is a good idea but make sure you are being monitored by your doc. Look into the reasons why you drink and why it's become a problem. Some people do get carried away and stop and are able to just carry on social drinking. With other people e it's all or nothing. Maybe try this small step first, if you struggle with it at least you'll know then if it's not working for you and you can look into other options to quit the booze. Be open and honest with yourself and people close to you, you'd be suprised how many people have been through it or know someone who has.