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The Blue Monday Thread


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    You could see it coming really with the lockdowns and the after affects

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    It's a can that's just kicked down the road, unless someone in authority is looking out for you.

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    Sure Ireland has a lot of positives going for it.

    I think it's also true to say that our true standard of living is declining.

    The current generation of children will be the first in almost a century to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

    Diet and exercise among many other social factors play a part in this, but you should certainly count yourself lucky if you or your family haven't needed any help from mental health services.

    Mental health is really the hind tit of health services in Ireland, and that's saying something.

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    The Samaritans van parked at the entrance to the main mart in the county tells it own story .

    @GNWoodd - would they be doing any business? Would have thought that most people would be too embarrassed to be seen speaking to them in public.

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    I could be wrong but I would think that the van is only like a mobile billboard. Seen it parked at other locations too, but at the mart only in recent times .

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    I'd add betting addictions, alcohol addiction (but it could be chicken and egg there as to which came first), time to think - could be opposite of your bushmen to survive, drug addictions, bad diet - mineral imbalances and chemical imbalances do cause brain problems and bad thoughts, epigenetics - even just could be unlucky in life and chemicals your parents were exposed to can cause problems in the next generation and the next'll be the generation after where if not exposed after where it weans out, lack of workplace self achievements and reward, loss of social structure⬆️ and societal fun, and last but not least what george hook classes as good for mental health..a good shag.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,483 ✭✭✭Birdnuts

    I would say bad diet is another factor alright - hate seeing kids going around permanently attached to plastic bottles of lucazade etc. A related issue is the decline in the nutrient quality of alot of fruit and veg etc. due to the deterioration of soils worldwide over the past 60 years or so

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    Did you find that useful out of interest?. My director in work has identified me as "emerging talent" or something along them lines and has me booked in with a coach for a bunch of sessions. Im not sure what to make of it to be honest as its not something i would of done before

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    What a turnaround, where I worked they wanted "fit, willing and able"

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    Great to see a discussion on mental and physical health.

    I've been listening to snippets of Alan Watts for years:

    There's loads of his talks on YouTube. His voice is very easy to listen to and he doesn't take things too seriously.

    Trading as Sullivan’s Farm on YouTube

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    But you need to manage your mental health a little bit yourself espescailly when your got to access where you are every so often and make some changes as you go.i must confess i dont really know what i m talking about as i ve never had a issue but i have had contact with people who have had situations.over the years i ve had to leave somethings or situation s go and rebuild your life in a different way.from time to time you got do something new that you havent done before or make a change in the way you approach things.these kind a things dont cure a chronic problem but do help to maintain good mental health.also try to have something every week thats not work or family related,i would freely admit i spend all of my time thinking of the next project or whatever and if i was faced with situation where i didnt have that i m not sure how i would react

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    gut bacteria have a bearing on your emotions as does the phases of the the moon, no doubt bad food ,lack of proper exercise, not taking or having the time to list all and appreciate all you have to be grateful for and be thankful and meditate on, not taking time to dream of the future and What you’d like it to be and planning how to make it happen are p pop a few of the contributing factors I’d be directly aware of.

    when it hits unfortunately self cure isn’t easy as it’s all a bit of a catch 22. it’s a complex issue and real research and conversation about the condition is lacking.

    Id like a bit of a move in the public domain away from the virtue signalling do gooders towards a advertising campaign actually listing the symptoms and signs so people might have an awareness to diagnose themselves. (It’s a sneaky hoore of a yoke sometimes you wouldn’t realise your not well). This alone can be enough to “self cure”.

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    "I think if you have accomodation secured, have a happy relationship, have a healthy family, have a good job ... life's good"

    Without those few boxes and a few more ticked there's an inherent emptiness to life that if it creeps up on you is very difficult to fix bar you actually get things sorted, which isn't always possible.

    Filling ones time up with sports is enough of a distraction for some but doesn't really fix the problem.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,813 ✭✭✭Kevhog1988

    At a certain point i was the same bit they gave me a management role a year or so ago and its going well.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,319 ✭✭✭Lime Tree Farm

    When I think back on it, I wish I had kept the letter, it stated your number of 'sick days' and how you scored.

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    Lets discuss it over PM, all new graduates and apprentices were told we were emerging talent back tben too 🙄😂

    Better living everyone