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Huawei B525s-23a needs a factory reset to reconnect to the internet.

  • 15-01-2023 9:16am
    Registered Users Posts: 7 MildyInteresting

    I have a Huawei B525s-23a that I use to connect to Three via a 4G Sim-only plan.

    I've owned the modem for approximately 5 years and it's given me no trouble until about 12 months ago.

    Now my modem disconnects from the internet about once a week. And the only way I can get it to reconnect is to perform a full factory reset, which is an inconvenience. I wonder if Three Network is pushing out a weekly Modem update that's causing the issue.

    Any help is appreciated before the modem goes to landfill and I buy a newer 4G modem in a gamble to fix the problem.


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    I dont think Three pushing any updates to that model, if at all. Even if would be, it would be firmware update, that is not reset with router, it would be permanent.

    Is there error message on Router?

    Is router configured for "4G only" ? What signal strength you get once connected? If 4G signal not strong enough, with this setting it could fail to connect - change to "Auto", then observe

    Does normal restart restores connection?

  • Registered Users Posts: 7 MildyInteresting thank you for replying, it's appreciated.

    #1 I don't think Three pushing any updates to that model, if at all.

    OK understood about the Firmware, I've tried experimenting with a factory reset, followed by turning updates On or Off.

    Whether I turn auto updates on or off, it makes no difference to my router.

    Approximately 7-14 days later, I wake to find it disconnected.

    (see the images embedded).

    #2 Is there an error message on Router?

    There is no error message on the Router.

    I didn't realise the Router had an error log. I just found it now thanks to you!

    Dashboard - System Settings - System Logs.

    Unfortunately, the logs have been overwritten with network activity since the reset this morning and the warning has been lost.

    But I will look here first next time.

    #3 Is the router configured for "4G only" 

    My Router is set to Auto for "Preferred Network mode". Is this the best setting?

    (see the image embedded).

    #4 What signal strength do you get once connected?

    Not being funny here, that depends on the time of day, the weather, the season etc.

    But generally, I get 4 bars, so whatever 4 bars would indicate? 80% strength???

    (see the image embedded).

    #5 If the 4G signal is not strong enough, with this setting it could fail to connect - change to "Auto"

    If the signal strength drops then the router automatically downgrades from 4G to 3G.

    We don't have 5G in our area.

    #6 Does normal restart restores connection?

    Full Factory Reset = immediate connection, full speed, 4 bars strength, and normal service is resumed.

    Modem Restart = still disconnected.

    I hope this information helps you make a better diagnosis. Thanks very much, I appreciate the help!

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    Just to be clear, we are discussing an issue where your router GUI show no connection(bars non/grey) , not just that your device(PC, phone, etc) has no internet? All devices effected ?


    Will see what logs will tell, if any useful. If there would be fault on router or SIM you likely would get nice red error code across the GUI page and/or LED indication

    If on bill pay - get SIM replacement just of chance, if on top-up replace it anyway

    #4 nothing funny here - this is the nature of this type of "broadband". Bars , where is informative is still not definitive in relation to speed

    #5 yes, with "Auto" it should switch to 3G (B525 does not support 5G), providing service is available in the area - it should, but what can you know now when providers have plan to turn 3G off and reuse those band for 4/5G . You could temporarily force in to "3G only" and see if its able to connect and maintain stable. Don't know what speed you average have on 4G, but on 3G you should get more or less steady 25DL , i know, not whats desired in 2023

    Are you rural or urban ?

    Its bit weird that having 4bars on 4G signal it still drop to 3G(if it does) - might indicate severe fluctuation in signal (perhaps distant mast) , could see if moving router to different spot would improve, or consider external antenna if don't have one yet (or do you?)

    Find what band you are on while in good 4G /poor 4G /other - While on router GUI signed in, on another tab paste this and go (adjust IP to your router if differ) :


    Line you looking for is <band>... Dont post entire output, contain bit info that potentially might disclose your approx location ☺️

    dont post, keep record of <cell_id>... it might become handy later, and these along with cell ID <rsrq>..., <rsrp>..., <rssi>..., <sinr>...

  • Registered Users Posts: 7 MildyInteresting thanks again for the detailed reply, I really appreciate your help, thank you.

    #1 Just to be clear, we are discussing an issue where your...

    When my router goes offline the light is red (just like in your photo).

    When my internet is OK the light is blue.

    When my internet is excellent the light is a cyan/turquoise colour.

    When my router goes offline, all devices in the house are affected, everything loses its internet connection, PC, laptops, Google Home, Smart TV, etc.

    #2 Will see what logs will tell if any useful...

    Next time it happens I will update this post with the error log, thanks.

    #3 Would get a nice red error code across the GUI page and/or LED indication...

    I always get the red LED light on the front of the modem. After a full factory reset, the LED is either blue or turquoise.

    #4 If on bill pay - get SIM replacement just of chance...

    Yes, I am on direct debit "bill pay".

    I will open a support ticket with and suggest they send me a new SIM. Great idea thank you!

    #5 You could temporarily force it into "3G only"...

    There have been times in the past, e.g. a storm when the network has fallen back to 3G by itself.

    And although it's very slow (≈ 0.5Mbps) it's been stable for days until Three fixed their network

    3G is stable but only good enough for sending emails and instant messenger apps.

    #6 Don't know what speed you average have on 4G...

    I'm rural, we average about 6Mbps DL and 1Mbps UL.

    I just ran a speed test at https: //www and it came out typical for my connection.

    #7 It's a bit weird that having 4 bars on a 4G signal it still drops to 3G (if it does)...

    No, sorry, this is my poor explanation skills. 4G is normally rock solid, it only falls back to 3G in extreme weather e.g. a storm.

    #8 might indicate severe fluctuation in signal (perhaps distant mast)...

    I use the OpenSignal app.

    https: //play.

    It lets me know that I am 3 km or 1.86 miles from my nearest Cell Tower. I have its Cell ID.

    Is this a big distance for 4G?

    #9 or consider an external antenna if don't have one yet (or do you?)...

    Yes, I have an external antenna.

    I have a Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 Cross Polarised 4G Omni LTE Antenna

    See Here:  https: //www.

    This antenna gives me an x10 performance boost in my broadband speed.

    10 Line you're looking for is <band>...

    If I login to my Router's dashboard and visit the URL you suggested:

    view-source:http: // /api/device/signal

    I'm greeted with an XML document. The element called band has a value of 20.


    I hope this helps.

    Action Points:

    1. Ask for a new SIM.
    2. Next time the incident occurs, record the contents of the error log.

    Thanks for your amazing support. I'd love to know what the problem is, before prematurely throwing away what could be a perfectly good router.


    I had to put spaces into my URLs because I don't have a high enough reputation on Boards to post them yet, my apologies.

    Kind Regards.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,555 ✭✭✭

    Well there is few thing already "not right" here. Sorry - 6Mbps is miserable @3km, i could not sleep.

    Omni antenna you have is probably good, i don't know, never had, but not good enough for ~3km distance. The way it work is getting "best possible" signal from all around and gain is not good. You'd potentially better off with directional. I am using Iskra P60 (directional - has to be pointed toward mast)(also have P58 older model that only go for 4G, still works perfect) i can highly recommend. I claim ~200 Mbps DL on good day, below my busy home average as of now. Course, i am on B818 @3.9km distance, but don't see why you could not get ~100 with B525 - i had before i upgraded router.

    Still not ruling out your router or SIM at fault for your troubles. Antenna could add another variable - potential damp ingress in cables, lose connection, cable length, etc.

    In my case B20 (band 20 you reading now) is second worst after B7, what you (I) want is B3, next B1(as anything with midband, for you, test pending). With directional . There are tools to force your router into specific band, but it might not be permanent, especially when your signal is not consistent - takes re-force. It happens to me once every few months...

    Update your action points , 🙂 : consider antenna upgrade/change, locate your mast location to know where to point directional antenna. Cellmapper app/web will help (this where cell ID come into play) along with G maps and siteviewer

    I'd recommend to keep recording cell ID and other metrics from now on til you get issue resolved/setup upgraded to satisfactory level... and perhaps beyond.

    More to mobile broadband , mine and others "adventures", go see "Midband" forum.

    BTW, shop around...

    Let us know how you get on.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7 MildyInteresting

    Thanks again for the comprehensive reply!

    #P-60 Antenna

    I understand the difference between omnidirectional vs directional and what you're recommending makes really good sense.

    If you're recommending Iskra P60 then I am happy to purchase it, I think it would make a real difference.

    According to the specification on this page, the Iskra P-60 is capable of both 4G and 5G.

    https : // www /en/GSM-UMTS-LTE-WIFI-Antennas/UNICOM-Antenna-P-60-5G-7003800/

    To your knowledge, can the P-60 definitely support both 4G and 5G?

    Does P-60 have SMA cables? making it compatible with the B525s-23a, B525-333 and the B81-263

    I'm guessing SMA connectors are standard???

    If so then purchasing the P-60 would future-proof my setup for when 5G eventually arrives.

    #Three Forum have replied to my post on their community forum.

    They have 2 recommendations:

    #1 Order a new SIM to see if this resolves the issue.

    #2 If the router keeps disconnecting, with the new SIM installed, then upgrade to a B535-333.


    According to the Huawei Specification:

    https : // consumer

    The B535-333 is both 4G & 5G capable and supports an external antenna.

    I'm guessing that the B525-333 has SMA connectors like the B525s-23a?


    Do you have the B81-263?

    https : // www /B818-263-Unlocked-Network-Warranty-non-network/dp/B08FF1R3LP

    It looks to be a much better router.


    This is the stuff of dreams...

    #Action Points

    #1 I will record my band twice daily for the next week to see if there are any changes.

    #2 Next time my router disconnects I will record the error logs.

    #3 Order a replacement SIM from

    #4 If the SIM fails then purchase a new router.

    #5 Purchase an Iskra P60 Antenna.

    Thanks again for all your help! You're a godsend.

  • Registered Users Posts: 15,175 ✭✭✭✭ The Cush

    The antenna is blind to the service carried, be it 4g, 5g, etc., the important thing is it covers the frequency range that carries that service.

    The P60 frequency range goes all the way up to 3.8 GHz.

    My brother installed the P60 antenna last summer, pointing at a mast approx 8.5 km distance, getting 100+ Mbps with a B818 router.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,555 ✭✭✭

    P60 has SMA (standard) connectors, but might be with different - confirm on purchase. Should you opt for B818-263 you will require adapter-tails SMA-to-TS9 (~€10) as this is the type of connector on B818 router.

    B535-333 DOES NOT support 5G, as per your own link, its LTE CAT7, its barely different than B525 if at all

    B818 does not support 5G, but its much superior, LTE CAT19 . However, not really worth to buy new for €250+, you can get second-hand from CEX for half price. There are routers that do support 5G, some of them have external antenna port, but i have not tested any.

    I have no expirience with 5G on P60 - dont have router, cannot comment, but it supports frequencies required.

    P60 is two component antenna - review specific mounting instruction

    Suggest you get SIM, then antenna, then ....

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,555 ✭✭✭

    Hi @The Cush

    How is signal stability there? Do you (bro) force bands or stay on whatever default?

  • Registered Users Posts: 15,175 ✭✭✭✭ The Cush

    Working away on default, no issues since installation. He's happy with it.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7 MildyInteresting

    I just wanted to give you an update.

    #New Setup

    I ordered a replacement SIM from Three.

    Three said my B525 was a "very old router" and did I want a free upgrade to a B353-333?, so I agreed.

    It's this one:

    I haven't had any disconnections since installing the new SIM in the new Router, but it's only been a week!

    # Slow Connection:

    Sadly my broadband is still slow despite hooking up my Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 Cross Polarised 4G Omni LTE Antenna.

    #Band 20

    I did as you told me and I checked my bands every day, twice daily. But It never changed from band 20.

    #Minimum Speed

    When I renew my contract with Three I noticed they promised certain minimum speeds:

    I think I will complain just for the craic, to see what they have to say :-)

    #New Antenna.

    That just leaves the issue of the new antenna.

    I was confused as to which one to buy. The Single or the Dual Antenna???

    # P-60 UNICOM Antenna P-60 5G 7003800 (Dual Antenna)

    # P-60 MIMO Antenna- P-60 5G 7003800 (Single Antenna)

    Please note, they both say they are 5G, do they also cover 4G? or do I specifically need a 4G antenna?

    Thanks very much.

  • Registered Users Posts: 15,175 ✭✭✭✭ The Cush

    Dual antenna.

    Ignore 4g/5g terminology, the antenna covers the full range of frequencies that carry 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g services

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,555 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for update,

    As was stated above - twin unit kit is must, i mentioned in #9 - check mounting instruction.

    With those minimum speed promised you have some chance to get out from your contract, if you bare their troubleshooting procedures

    As for B20, you could install LTE H-monitor to try to force into B3 and see if you able to "catch"(and maintain) with current antenna but i don't have much hope there.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7 MildyInteresting

    Yes, I contacted Three, took an hour of him telling me to reset my router, run a speed test, factory reset my router etc before he opened a support ticket.

    OK, thanks for the clarification, sorry being honest I'd lost my train of thought on this thread, so just wanted confirmation before making a purchase.

    I'll come back and update this thread when Three have taken a look at my connection and also after I've got my new P60 Dual Antenna.

    I'm just off to play with LTE H-monitor

    Thanks for your help, you're a good soul.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7 MildyInteresting