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Best Value Alarm for monitored system

  • 12-01-2023 4:40pm
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    Hi AlL

    I know this was explored to the Nth degree in previous posts but whats available out there now.

    I just got a quote from Phxxx-Watch for 48euro installation and and 48euro per month for 12 month contract


    2door sensors

    1 smoke alarm

    GSM box

    Control Panel

    25 euro for extra blank box etc etc.

    4 numbers for contacts..

    Anyone know what’s available out there..

    Regards Zxthinger


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    Do you want a monthly monitoring subscription?

    I installed an Ajax wireless system myself which is simple to do.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,113 ✭✭✭Zxthinger

    I think you need a monitored alarm that’s managed externally if your going above six guns in the one place..

    The question is what’s does place mean..

    “”Three or more restricted firearms or six or more firearms, of any type, kept in the same place.

    In addition to the standards specified at reference number 3, the place in which the firearms are stored shall have an intruder alarm system, installed and maintained by installers licensed by the Private Security Authority, which complies with I.S. EN 50131 or an equivalent standard approved by the Commissioner of the Garda Síochána.The alarm shall be connected to a monitoring service, operated by a person licensed by the Private Security Authority, and supported with GSM Mobile telephone service back up signalling facilities.””

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    I’d imagine place means the house or whatever they’re kept in? If you’re needing clarification I think you’re best bet really is to check with local Gardaí it’s them who’d be an issue if something was amiss.

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    Avoid Phxxxxxxxh in my experience. RIP off merchants....charge a fortune to replace batteries even with service contract!

    Network Security do good deals and offer a great service.

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    Oh yeah should’ve said they’re absolutely cowboys. That system is apparently worth several hundred but somehow they’re selling it now for €50? doesn’t exactly make sense to me.

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    They make the money on the monitoring and "add ons" they sell ya afaik.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,113 ✭✭✭Zxthinger

    Anyway someone I met tonight at the shooting range mentioned ‘NetWork Services’ as an alternative supplier etc etc

    Anyway one ever here of them

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,034 ✭✭✭clivej

    Phone watch now install internal camera units

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    This allows a third party record video footage inside your home. Reminds me of Big Brother 😬

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    I just don’t like the idea of a camera connected to a third party system..

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    AFAIK, the kit that Phonewatch sell these days, is unique to Phonewatch - so you can't swap service provider at a later date, without getting a new system put in.

    There's no doubt that they are expensive, although in my own experience, they've always been willing to haggle. I think I'm paying about €35pm, at present (which still seems too much, but I'll revisit at renewal time).

    I think the replacement batteries cost €15 each incl fitting and testing, from memory. The are supposed to be replaced every 3 years, per Phonewatch, but mine often last about 5 years.

    One thing I do like about Phonewatch is that they can run the service over the old copper wire phonelines, which is handy if you aren't in a good area for mobile phone coverage. Many of the other monitored service providers seem to rely exclusively on mobile phone networks, or at least that was the case, when I last considered moving.

    If I were considering Phonewatch now, as a new customer, I'd have zero interest in paying them for the likes of a smoke alarm - you can buy a couple of smoke alarms in Woodies etc. that work perfectly, without any third party monitoring needed.



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    The smoke alarm systems they saddle people with are particularly awful - people get surprised when fire engines turn up for burnt toast, steam from shower etc - even more surprised at how much that costs.

    Definitely don't spend money on a smoke alarm "upgrade" from them - like was said - go out and buy a dedicated system. Smoke alarms are to get people out of the house if there is a fire - they don't need monitoring.

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    Hi OP, I operate a business that installs and services security systems.

    We have installed systems for people like yourself with fire arms in your home.

    Obviously the big concern is those weapons getting into the wrong hands.

    The specification which we follow is the fitting of shock sensors and contacts to all the perimeter windows and doors in these houses and the fitting of some PIR beams in common areas like corridors/ landings etc.

    What we have also done is actually fitted shock sensors with contacts to the actual gun safes themselves and have programmed those so that even if the house alarm is switched off, this sensor on the safe, is still active and operated by a different user code on the system keypad.

    There are approximately 16 other monitoring stations in this country other than the PW one.

    Please PM me if I can be of any further assistance

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    You are of course correct that is the essential requirement of fire detectors, to get people out and away from the danger.

    The monitoring of these can be handy though, if there is an activation and no one is actually home.

    Just because they are monitored it does not necessarily mean a fire service response, the response to such activations can be agreed between the householder and the monitoring station.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭civdef

    That is all true in fairness, but somewhere around less than 1 in a thousand residential "phonewatch" type monitored smoke detector systems actually involve a fire. The vast, vast majority are cooking, steam or dust - and also plenty of system failures.

    The monitoring centres are a big part of the problem too - in many, many cases the call gets passed on to fire service control with poor address detail and even poorer keyholder contacts. The people selling or installing the system don't go to much effort to let the subscriber specify the response they get for an activation - it happens so often that people are shocked when a fire crew turns up - they had no idea that was the default or that it could be changed.

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    I know they have no idea of the default, that is why I am mentioning it, that the possible response by whatever ES after been alerted by the monitoring station is entirely at the discretion of the house or building owner.

    Absolutely all contact details should reviewed every year at the renewal time.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,034 ✭✭✭clivej

    We have only now got the batteries replaced in ur phone watch system after 11 years. Always happy with their service.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,113 ✭✭✭Zxthinger

    This banter doesn’t explain who the cheapest or best value providers are. I just need to be street legal and all for the least expensive.