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Fordson super major, 6 clyinder conversion

  • 12-01-2023 12:29pm
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    Howye, after ages of looking I finally purchased a nice condition Fordson super major with a 590e ford industrial engine conversion. Purchased it couple months ago now, just haven't gotten to work much on it. I hope to change that now and I have questions about majors and parts for ye wise folk. It is the old super major, orange and blue, and the engine is 75hp, Also has the gearbox handbrake.

    The rear wheels are decent, enough to drive and do odd jobs but not great. Rear left wheel is wobbly on the road, a lot of play, likely the rim being bent from previous owner attempt at pulling it with a chain. What route should i go for wheels? I think 3cb 3 , used ford skid units and had nice wide rear tires, but I think they're only 28 inch, so a tad low really. Old ford 4000 tractors apparently had some rims with 6 stud, can't imagine they're common though. Can I get a welder to change the center rim with a solid plate of a 8 stud wheel to a 6 stud? Current wheels are 11.4- 36, and are not cast.

    The engine runs very nicely, ticks over well, sound is the envy of my neighbor, but there are leaks at the front and rear crank seal from what I was told, looks to be the right spot. Neighbor said I don't need to split the engine to replace the seals which is handy but I know it's still not an easy easy job. The underside of the gearbox housing has a exposed crack, enough to stick a pinky in, and about the length of a pinky as well. Looks like there used to be a sort of cover or metal gasket yolk that rapped around the housing, and its just rusted away over time in this spot. If i was mowing or topping, I hardly want to imagine if grass got caught on the inside of the clutch and destroy the clutch... So for the moment I might use Jb weld, or other serious heavy duty chemical weld. The clutch is dry yes? Nothing would be leaking out of the hole, not that anything is now.

    How much oil should be coming out of the engine if its at medium low revs, out of the exhaust. When at higher revs its sound, but even medium revs too long seems to trickle oil out of the exhaust. Not cup, but a drizzle or teaspoon. New rings possibly? Or just reality for industrial engine from 1960.

    So. I think those are my main worries, other than that cosmetic. I'll stick a longfort cab on it soon, sort the wheels out, the chassis is extended compared to a normal major so its actually longer than my neighbors 168, which means my mate will be fabricating and rolling a bonnet for it, and ill sort out the electrical system on it, lights, alternator on it, indicators, etc. Although if anyone has a wiring diagram for wiring the starter lever to the solenoid I would be grateful.

    Advice is always appreciated, and ideas are welcome as well.