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Attic problems in Apartment block

  • 08-01-2023 6:14pm
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    Hi guys,

    Hoping to get some opinions on this,so i live in a top floor apartment with the attic above me.In the last couple of months i have noticed my apartment is really cold once i turn the heating off and recently i was in my attic and it was bitter cold,i noticed there were pipes(from and extractor fan amongst others)hanging from the roof an not connected to anything and the draught blowing in from these pipes was shocking.

    My question is who is responsible for this work that needs fixing?imo because its the attic and part of the common area id say the management co but could they argue its pipes leading in to apartment then it is my problem?

    I guess you could say its something you spot when ye get a snag list done but again imo the attics not mine and i would get that inspected at the time i got the snag list done and perhaps the management co should have had the attic checked out before they took control from the builders.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated ,cheers.


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    Attics are often meant to be cold.

    The insulation in most A-rated houses would be between the ceiling and attic, and the attics would be exposed to the elements. Lots of people don't realise this.

    It might be as simple as getting insulation put into the floor of the attic above your apartment.

    I'd get someone out to take a look yourself, then discuss with the management company about potentially sharing the cost

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,753 ✭✭✭MicktheMan

    Are you sure the attic is the management company's responsibility (i.e. part of the common area)? How did you gain access to it? What is detailed in the head lease?

    The ducting from your exhaust fan ought to be connected to a vent tile in the roof, i.e. not venting into the attic space itself. This should be sorted by the management company only as it is their roof or was the fan installed without the knowledge of the management company I wonder.

    Either way, if air is blowing into your apartment through the fan fixture, you can fit a butterfly valve in the ducting to prevent back flow. However, the fact that you apartment cools quickly after your heating is off points to a larger air leakage issue in the apartment and should be seriously tackled if interested in making a meaningful improvement to heat retention. Adding insulation is generally not the answer despite what you might read in the media.

  • Registered Users Posts: 56 ✭✭PSFarrell

    I would raise it with the management company to see if they will deal with it. I imagine this will depend on whether there are funds available. The attic in most multi unit dwellings is part of the common area. I lived in a top floor apartment and was informed that access through my place into the attic was meant for repair worksonly and storing items there was forbidden.

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    Great points about the ducting and i shall tackle the MC regarding this.Im pretty sure the attic is the managements responsibility as there are pipes and water tanks that supply other apartments that are in the attic also i have had other issues such as mice and they have dealt with it, cheers.

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    How much insulation was in the attic ? Is there insulation on the floor of the attic. If you think it's the fan causing the cold then close the bathroom door and see if it still happens in the rest of the apartment. I'd be looking closer at the over all insulation. Also check around your own windows and below the window boards for drafts, have the windows been fitted correctly.

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    Plenty if insulation on the floor but nothing on the inside of the roof but the drafts blowing through the attic are a joke,was in my mothers attic yesterday and it was nowhere near as cold or draughty.

    To be honest the windows are a joke aswell,guess im going to have to work on them meself.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,753 ✭✭✭MicktheMan

    If there is insulation on the flat (i.e. attic floor) then there is no need whatsoever for insulation between the rafters (on the slope).

    If the attic space is not cold and draughty then it is not sufficiently insulated or ventilated!

    It would seem to me that you are looking in the wrong place to solve your heat loss problem. It is highly likely you have a significant airtightness issue within your apartment which can only be effectively addressed from within your apartment.

    It is also highly likely that your neighbours suffer the same issue.

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    If there is 30 cm or a foot of insulation in the attic then it's not problem, the draft are probably OK they keep it ventilated and dry. I'd work on the windows and check if they are properly sealed, Is there vents in them. If not there should be no drafts around them.

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    Attics are supposed to be cold and draughty. If they are not, you get damp.