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Transfered to new dept

  • 03-01-2023 12:35pm
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    Hi all, I'll keep this as vague as I can. Won't be naming company or anything. I work in a sector (public hse) we've been hammered throughout the lockdown with staffing issues, mostly covid sickness related early on but the last year has been staffing related. No staff to cover shifts, I felt some dangerous practices were starting to become normalised. Staff staying on past their shift (24hrs) so basically going back to back. Also the habit of contacting rostered staff while off shift became a regular occurrence. The people we support were suffering as a result.

    It came to a head in July, I contacted HR on way home to communicate my frustration. They thanked me for contacting them directly and said they'd pass on my concerns/frustrations. About a week or so later the area manager contacted me to respond to my concerns. He tried to disagree with me but I explained what I felt was happening. He said possibly the dept/house I work in has too many staff on my contracted hours (they're exactly the same for the last 7 years by the way) he thanked me for ringing me and we left it at that. 4 weeks later my manager contacted me and said I was being transferred.

    I immediately initiated a grievance procedure and it's been back and forth ever since. I communicated that this feels like a punishment for daring to highlight what is blindingly obvious to everyone. My hours are way worse where I am now and as a result its very hard to take

    I've documented everything through email and nothing has been challenged by HR or area manager other than his outrage that I could think he was being vindictive. I've requested that I be returned to previous position. This has been refused on the grounds that such a position isn't any longer available despite 3 staff being moved there since I was transferred. I've linked with union and they are prepared to support me through this

    I'm aware I've positioned a very large x on my back but there's no going back now. Any advice would be appreciated


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    What would you ideally like to happen, old job back , a better new job, a new manager or to leave ? I think that you have hopefully the support of your union and others. You are in a strong position in terms of how you have acted. However these organisations don't seem to act in rational ways always . You could quit and initiate a constructive dismissal. Could you find another job easily enough. Would that be better overall for you? What does the union advise Your details are very specific ,it would not be too hard for someone to work out who you are from them. I wish you the best for the future. It's not an easy road and you seem to have been treated unfairly

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    Its unfair what has happened to you.

    I was pretty shocked to hear, yesterday, a litany of public nurses contact Newstalk on the back of one nurse speaking up, all to describe the endemic, pervasive culture of bullying in their profession within the HSE and the incompetence and negligence of Managers, who are often the bullies themselves.

    It seems to me that the whole management culture in the HSE is a wasps nest that needs kicking over and gassing until it is dead. What almost amazes me more, is that given the strength of the health sector Unions in the media and in public discourse, that this toxic culture hasn't been blown open. Unless of course, they are complicit in it.

    So I would say simply to you, fight this, but do not fight it alone. If you trust your Union in your sector, bring it to them. If you do not, see a good Solicitor. Believe me, if they are good, the HSE will be the ones that end up paying them for you.

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    Just in the HSE, a very close friend of mine works as a nurse for HSE and has had awful treatment from colleagues. I agree 1000% with Larbre34, this is all very accurate.

    It is probably the most broken public sector body out there.

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    Was asked to meet with one of the regional managers, went it without a union rep. Didn't really mind as my background was as a senior shop steward for about 10 years. I informed union to keep them in the loop. Met with regional manager and put forward my case, 2 days later I got word that I was being returned to previous position. Only proviso being that I withdraw my grievance. Thought about it for about a week and withdrew it. Back about 2 months with no kickback as of yet. I am expecting it though, maybe overthinking it. Cheers for the feedback.