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Looking for recommendations for CAT 6 wiring in a "New Build" (4 years old)

  • 30-12-2022 6:32pm
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    Hey all,

    I'm looking to upgrade the networking in my house and also a bit of future proofing. I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to do all the work. At the moment the current setup is the following:

    Broadband provider: Sky via OpenEir FTTH 1000/100mbit

    Router/Wifi: Ubiquiti UDM with a Flex Mini attached.

    Current Network: TV (wired), AV Receiver (wired), Sky box (wired), Hue Bridge (wired), PS5 (wired), NeoHub Smart Thermostats Hub (wired), AppleTV (WiFi), MacBook Pro (Wifi), 2 Dell Laptops (Wifi), Mac mini (WiFi), 4 iPhones (WiFi), 2 Watches (WiFi), 3 HomePod mini (WiFi), 1 Android (WiFi), HIKVison NVR (wired) and HKC Alarm with WiFi Module.

    The reason for upgrading is I'm looking to get a tv unit done (where the UDM and flex mini) is and want to move everything to the attic (Whilst upgrading to a DreamMachine Pro / Switch Pro) and wire in two/three U6 AP's to cover the house (it's quite small 130Sq/m but Would ideally like two downstairs (roughly 70sq/m), one upstairs (60sq/m). I have taken over the box room as a home office which has 2 laptops, one Mac mini and hopefully a Gaming PC in the future. I'd like to get wired connections to all of those. In a few years time I'm looking to move the office out to the garden and would be looking to get a decent connection out there too hence the future proofing.

    Is there anyone that would do this for me that anyone has got good things to say about? I'd be fairly comfortable setting up the network but it's the fishing and drilling holes for the AP's that I'd rather pay someone to do and if I'm paying someone for that I might as well get them to do the whole job.