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Anyone ever dealt with LG for an OLED repair

  • 21-12-2022 7:07pm
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    So I bought an LG OLED just over a year ago from Curry's which was sold with the LG 5 years promotional warranty. It developed a few stuck pixels recently and I contacted LG initially about their panel replacement policy with regard to dead/stuck pixels and was hoping for an in-home repair like they do in the UK. After looking at some photo's I took they said the TV meets their requirements for repair but because it is more than 1 year old the repair would have to be paid for as it is out of warranty. Plus as no LG service centres in Ireland, I or the shop would need to send it off.

    Anyway, replied to LG about the 5 year warranty which they promoted. Also reminded them of EU warranty being 2 years and in Ireland you can make a claim for up to 6 years. Basically Consumer law trumps everything else. No reply. Went to Curry's this evening with receipt, showed them emails from LG. They took the same position as LG also stating the receipt doesn't say I have a 5 year warranty, so I have a 1 year warranty which is expired. They still continue to sell LGs with 5 year warranty. They also never heard of EU or Irish law offering more than 1 year either. I spoke with the store manager.

    I assume best thing to do now is go the Small Claims Court route. Wondering if worth it for only a few stuck pixels though. Still LG said they cover that. Any advice on what to do ?


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    Absolutely worth it, you bought a higher end TV and a number of stuck pixels on an OLED is not acceptable just over a year old.

    Like yourself, I also bought an LG OLED a year ago and would be well vexed if it happened mine and the warranty not being honoured!

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    Small claims is €25 afaik. Out of curiosity, where does it state there's a 5-year warranty on the TV?

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    Hardly that hard to find with google

    Used to install large screen TV's for advertising and we avoided LG because they had no Irish repair network and were a nightmare to get repaired.

    I'd go for Curry's in the SCC rather than bother about the LG guaranty. If its a year old then what I've heard happens is the SCC will deem that the OP will have had 1/6th of the use of the value of the TV (one years use of the 6 years you can make a claim) so Curry's may be ordered to pay 5/6ths the original price.

    Of course Curry's have heard about EU and Irish consumer law in fact I'm quite sure they regularly get reminded of it.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

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    Before going down the SCC route you should email Curry's Customer Services ([email protected]) making a claim in accordance with your consumer rights. If you Google "ccpc complaint letter" you should find a template of what needs to be in the email.

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    It's advertised in store on carboard cutouts. Same craic last year when I bought it. Also mentioned here :

    Even leaving aside consumer law for the time being, I cannot for the life of me understand why the store insist on 1 year warranty when they are literally advertising 5 year warranty and have been for over a year.

    Also - LG maintain all there TV's only have a 1 year warranty!! And same when you go to register it.

    It's clearly a sales gimic to differentiate LG TV's from the competition in the hope to capture more sales. But surely there has to be something dodgy about then not honouring the warranty that the TV was sold under.

    In any case, its a few stuck pixels that would not be too noticeable from normal viewing distances and so I was fully prepared to be told that it is within manufacturer spec. And I would have accepted that. But LG opened pandoras box when they told me it meets requirements for repair.

    I will take the advice given here and follow up with SCC but first send a ccpc complaint letter to customer service. Ideally I just want the panel replaced but LG have no repair network here so it becomes Curry's problem, which I probably would not trust them to handle correctly. A partial refund would probably be a better outcome.


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    I've gotten a LG tv fixed by these lads under warranty They called out with the new panel and fitted it at home. I did think it was a 5 Year Warranty on all OLEDs.

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    Absolutely. Been unfortunate twice this years with issue with products and both were within a year of purchase.

    Both times the retailers insisted it was outside their 28 day policy. I explained that's meaningless. The manager of one place then tried to argue that it was between me and the manufacturer and after a lot of debate they begrudgingly gave me a replacement.

    The second time in fairness it was an regular staff member who said I couldn't exchange it and when I mentioned statutory rights they contacted their manager who said yeah, it's fine for a refund.

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    Its complete nonsense from these big retailers, they know the law all too well. I think they spout this out of warranty bs knowing a large proportion of the population will just accept it and go away!

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    I took a web screen shot of the 5 year warranty from the retailer where I bought a TV last year and emailed it to myself.

    Because of covid I just have email receipts and it does not mention 5 year warranty.

    Also, another place I was buying some stuff was trying to sell me their extended warranty and trying to convince me the EU and Irish laws were rubbish.

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    5 Year warranty with LG only applies if you register with them within 28 days of purchase. Its handy to have but consumer rights are just as good and what the OP needs to rely on.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

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    Well that won't work either. I tried and it said 1 year warranty on LG site when I registered. When I queried LG about it recently they said it's only 1 year with them, and 4 years is with Curry's who deny it and say it's a 1 year warranty, end of story. In the store you see signs on the LG TV's (even the one I bought last year is still there) for 5 year warranty. The mind boggles. I have written to Curry's and awaiting a reply. If none forthcoming it's SCC time.

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    TV did a full pixel refresh last night (it does it every 2000 hours of usage) and now the unlit subpixels are fixed !!! Still, it would be good if Curry's fessed up to the fact I have 4 more years warranty that they are obliged to cover. It galls me they openly sell their LG's with 5 years advertised in store but deny they were doing that last year!! I need to try and get them to produce the T&C's of their warranty in writing.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,961 ✭✭✭The Continental Op

    Other companies advertising a 5 year LG warranty

    but from the link I posted above Ireland is excluded?

    1. This guarantee is offered by LG Electronics U.K. Ltd (“LG”) of Velocity 2, Brooklands Drive, Brooklands, Weybridge KT13 0SL to purchasers of the Product in the United Kingdom. This guarantee does not apply to Products purchased in the Republic of Ireland or any other country outside the United Kingdom. This guarantee does not cover repair or replacement where the Product is located in the Republic of Ireland or any other country outside the United Kingdom.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

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    Back to pixels unlit again and now a black line down the middle. Regardless of what the location the the guarantee applies to, they have signs up in shop saying 5 year guarantee and claim they didn't give it last year (I don't have a photo and nothing on receipt so can't prove it). However consumer rights (up to 6 years to make a warranty claim) trumps a manufacturers or store guarantee.

    I've lodged a claim with SCC as getting nowhere with Curry's.

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    I ve had a issue with my 55 OLED also and was given to total run around by LG , they re customer service is really shocking ! I d almost given up when I saw this thread and now I ve decided to go down the small claims route also against Currys as they ve tried pawning me off as well is only 2 yrs and 4 months old and cost 1440 euro , so let s see how it goes ...not much to lose for 25 euro

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    Best of luck, scc worked out very well for us against Harvey Norman with a similar issue its well worth the 25e.

    It really is an issue that needs addressing the complete disregard retailers have for their obligations under consumer law, playing hard ball against consumers!! And they all do it.

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    Yup, good for you. Ignore any warranty bull, they're fairly meaningless in Ireland and the UK. Your consumer rights offer much more protection even in the face of some large retailers try to play silly buggers. The crux of the matter is that it's "not reasonable" for such an expensive item to break itself performing it's sole purpose in such a short space of time. I bet it doesn't even make it to the SCC

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    Bought LG OLED through richer sounds on here in 2018. screen burn started showing up in 2021 . Contacted richer sounds and they in turn done a deal with LG that they would replace the screen if i paid €150 for labour.

    Ok with paying that so worked out ok , they sent a repair man to my house and changed screen. Repairman advised me to sue pixel refresh about once a week to avoid this issue .

    Pixel refresh was made an automatic feature in later editions of TV

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