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Gambling: since when?

  • 02-12-2022 3:20am
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    Discussion regarding gambling in Ireland.

    I know there is talk about it being an epidemic.

    But I wish to talk about it from another point of view. See I believe these people always existed. But there’s zero regulation on the gambling industry.

    The national lottery for example has so many times given me numbers that were exact neighbours of the winning numbers too many times for it to be a coincidence.

    Paddy power I won 500 first time.

    cashed out 400. Since then I have never won more than 200. Win too much and you get gubbed.

    im lucky enough to be able to walk away when I know it’s fixed.

    but do people believe a gambling regulator will fix it for us or them? See I believe a regulator will look down on a punter and have the view that they should not be betting. Whereas they should be looking at the massive companies making profit on their backs.

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    Before you walk into a bookies or buy a lottery ticket know that these organizations are set up to take your money!

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    Could say the exact same thing about charaties.

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    I have no problem with it. I am fanatic about backing horses, it is a real passion for me and I enjoy it very much.

    Yes there are victims of the industry, but them is the breaks, you pay your money and you take your chance. Backing nags for more than 30 years, probably 40.

    The anti lobby are such a painful gang of meddling parasites, insofar as they are consumed by highlighting extreme cases of degenerates who were born to throw it away. For every one of those I have encountered there are 5000 others enjoying their punts.

    I have also realised over the years, that bland killjoys, are far more obsessed with observing degenerates lose, than they are with just getting on with their own lives and minding their own business. They just don't get the thrill and excitement because deep down they are empty and soulless and are still unable to understand why?

    You can spot the schadenfreude junckies a mile away. You get a smell for them, there is always a few middle management prunes at your job that spend their lives attempting to discredit anyone who fancies a flutter.

    Op I have won 4 figure sums on several occasions and one 5 figure sum at a famous festival this century. I bought a Gucci leather jacket, spent a fortnight on Ibiza partying ecstatically, paid my sisters rent in London for 6 months, flew to the Swiss Alps with my lover for Skiing, backed some more winners, bought a used Mercedes for cash, drank for the craic and cleared all my debts. I ended up wasting the rest in a savings account.

    I cannot wait to do it again.