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WiFi boosters v second modem

  • 19-11-2022 10:59am
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    Hi there

    I've a 1Gb fibre connection in my newish build (concrete floors /block walls). I’m having trouble extending my WiFi network. Had been using tp link av600’s but was only getting 30mbps. I also had a second modem for my sitting room which worked well for it but seemed to cause interference with my tp link/main router.

    I have cat 5 run to all rooms so I’m wondering is there a better option I could use rather than relying on WiFi extenders or mesh systems ( recently bought a tp link e4 deco system which has been a partial success - prob needs another deco unit).

    sorry for rambling - question is how do I make best use of my cat 5 network to boost signal around the house…thanks 😀

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    I am not a network expert. But had similar issues. Have set up Ubiquiti UniFi access points around the house (with a gateway and switch at router) and works a treat. Not cheap and little tricky setting up (plenty of videos out there though) but once got it going it’s been rock solid.

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    Are the cables Cat5 or Cat5e?

    If Cat5e it should support 1Gbps speeds over ethernet and you would be better off with a different Deco system, the E4 only has 100Mbps ethernet ports.

    Something like the S4 or M4 units are not much dearer and have 1Gbps. You wont get the full 1Gbps over WiFi with those but I installed them in my parents and they get around 200-400 depending on how close to a unit they are.

    I use UniFi myself and they are good but a little tricker and pricier.

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    Hi, yes cat5e. Not sure I understand how that impacts though- don’t all deco’s run off wireless - main one plugged in at the router?

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    Yes they can be set up to run wireless but if you have ethernet to the rooms they are in they can also use ethernet for backhaul and that is preferable (usually, having the E4 model complicates that).

    If you use wireless for backhaul it is being shared with the WiFi band available for your devices which will further reduce WiFi performance (unless you use a triband model which the E4 is not). Also using wireless for backhaul means that if a satellite is too far away from the main unit it may already be receiving a weak signal further hampering performance.

    However with the E4 if you are getting better than 100Mpbs using wireless backhaul I would leave it as their ethernet is limited.

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    Ah so connect each unit up to cat 5e port rather than one main unit and others connected wirelessly? So is each deco unit a separate WiFi zone in that case (as you’ll guess I’m a bit of a tech dunce - sorry!)

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    And does the e4 not have that capability?

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    I think TP link recommend you connect them to the second port on the main unit (in series or with a switch in between) but I've found they work fine on extra ports of the same router when in access point mode (in router mode I think it would cause problems).

    They will still work as one WiFi "zone" with roaming etc.