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Civil Service Job Change Without Warning

  • 18-11-2022 12:13am
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    If any of ye would be so kind as to help, I am just looking for a bit of advice folks...

    I am a Civil Servant and recently was told that I am moving to a new job in my workplace, yet it is at the same grade and in another office in the building.

    This is despite the fact that I'm quite happy and settled where I am in the office I am in at the moment, and also was not consulted prior to simply being told that I was moving.

    Have I any right to dig my heels in and point blank refuse to the move, or do I simply have to do as I am told? Should I make my union aware of it or is there any point if the hierarchy in the office are within their right to move staff as they please, regardless of whether staff have been consulted?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    AFAIK, some depts are more likely to move people regularly. It seems to be a policy thing to move people every 2-3 yrs...regardless.

    Otherwise, it may be because a vacancy has come up somewhere that they need to fill, and several people move as a result....domino effect.

    Might be worthtrying to find out more, before deciding to dig your heels in. If moving is normal in youe dept, then you will end up moving at some stage....

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    nothing unusual in it and while its obviously best practice to chat it over with someone first unfortunately that does historically tend to give people the impression theyre being asked rather than being informed

    unless you've a clear specific reason that the new role is an issue for you then there's not much of a case for any complaint here, and the threshold for successful appeal (of whatever type) is high.

    of course you can make it difficult instead of taking the good from it, but why mark yourself as that type of officer if you dont need to?

    you were hardly banking on spending the next however many years guaranteed no change, thats simply not the way the service works, so id say you're best off getting off on the right foot in your new role here- it's an attitude that will stand you in good stead in the longer term anyway ime

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Firstly, I am the only one moving. I am also not being replaced which means my current office (a rather busy one which is an area hub!) is down a member of staff as a result. There is no domino effect really.

    Secondly, moving isn't particularly normal, there are certain people who have been there in their current positions for much longer than I have been employed at the organisation.

    This may seem bigheaded and shoot me down for saying it I'd you will but.... I almost feel as if I have been thrown under the bus because I'm an officer that is well liked, diligent and does their work to a good standard. It feels like I was cherry picked from nowhere as, due to a lack of foresight/planning by higher management, they're in a panic and need someone yesterday.

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    Hi there, thanks for the reply!

    Just on your last point... Yes, I was not planning on no change in next few years as I have mobility applied for so hopefully will hear something soon as I wanted out of the dept already.

    I am someone that goes in and does their bit and beyond, so I would say (and I hope my colleagues would too) that I have a good attitude in the first place. Maybe that's why I have just been told that I am to do it and that's final, who knows. Still not very happy about it but I'll just have to give it time and if I have any major grievances I'll air them (not that they'll be listened to 😂)

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    keep the head down so and hopefully mobility comes up before too long for you

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    Clearly nothing to do with DRP. Moving to a forum that's actually related to the topic instead.

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    Civil Service 101, if you do the work then expect to be railroaded into doing more or even moved to where the workloads have been failing so they know at least someone will do the work then.

  • Digging your heels in or consulting any Union won't get you very far, or do you any good.

    As a civil servant, you can be re-assigned to any division within your department, whenever your HR decides and they don't have to consult you.

    If you're not being replaced, it's up to your supervisor / second supervisor / head of function to argue to either retain you or get a replacement.

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    As most have already mentioned, I've worked in two Departments in the last 16 years and in 8 different sections in that time. Of those 8, one move was by my request and another on promotion to a new Department. Every other move internally within Departments has been decided by management on the basis of organisation needs. You can use it as a hill to die on and probably end up having to move regardless, or you can use a move to build better experience for future promotion competitions.