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The approach of Samhain

  • 26-10-2022 7:24pm
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    The neolithic New Year began midway between Equinox and Solstice where the death of the old year met with the beginning of life in dormancy, just as life begins in the womb. It is a feeling this time of the year that is only surpassed by the emergence of Spring as visible signs of life.

    The Southern spiral of the Sun (declination) at the Samhain alignments is still quite rapid this time of the year so a roofbox is no use in contrast to the Solstice at Newgrange were there are only seconds either side of the Dec 21st for a number of days allowing that wonderful spectacle.

    Our ancestors left us a heritage that speaks in terms of light and darkness that moves with the great cycles of weather and life in nature.

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    There was a segment on the news this evening about DST and the present cost of living and indeed a few other segments over the days on tv and radio. It appears that European countries are at sixes and sevens over the issue of retaining or rejecting the adjustment.

    The 24 hour day and clocks are anchored to the sunrise/noon/sunset cycle as the planet turns once every 24 hours. Normally, clocks are referenced to the noon Sun as this is where the symmetry between the length of time from sunrise to noon and noon to sunset exists.

    To better understand DST, go to the timeanddate website and down to the date after after DST is applied. With the cursor, pick up the Sun and move it back one hour towards sunrise and almost immediately the reader will understand why we have 'longer evenings' and shorter mornings even outside the natural lengthening of daylight during the summer months. The length of time from clock noon to natural sunset lengthens by one hour and the length of time between natural sunrise and clock noon shortens by one hour.

    DST is tied together with the 24 hour and Lat/Long systems insofar as timezones represent both one hour and 15 degrees of geographical separation. It is impossible to make sense of DST without acknowledging that the Sun appears four minute later with each degree West as the planet turns daily. I am sorry that people choose to avoid and attack this principle and moreso that European countries will never get to the bottom of the adjustment for no good reason.

    I am the first person to explain this properly using the necessary graphics which are absent from all other explanations and more importantly, using the proper principles that the academic community reject without cause.

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    Following on from the last comment, the Washington Post attempted a first graphical explanation of DST, outside this forum, but because they couldn't interpret the scheme properly, they make the usual mess of it even though the principles were offered openly and freely

    Here is the correct explanation.

    The fundamental fact is that the human devised 24 hour cycle is anchored to the natural noon cycle.

    When timekeeping and the sunrise/noon/sunset are set to their normal sync, the length of time from clock sunrise to clock noon is symmetrical with the length of time from clock noon to clock sunset.

    What DST does is break the symmetry, where 1 hour from clock sunrise to natural noon is subtracted and transferred to 1 hour between natural noon and clock sunset. In terms of clocks and the 24 hour cycle, everything moves forward by an hour-

    Just pick up the Sun and move it back 1 hour to determine the DST asymmetry where 'longer evenings' result.

    It is advisable to work with timekeeping alone and just leave natural noon as the anchor and this is where the authors of the Washington Post article jumped the tracks.

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