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Where to find houses for sale other than daft and myhome?

  • 25-10-2022 2:16pm
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    Anywhere else I should be looking?

    Should I register myself with every estate agent in the city also?

    First time buyer, no idea what I'm doing.

    I'm specifically looking for a 2 bed apartment. If I give an estate agent my "dream apartment specs" would they keep an eye out for one and let me know when they pop up? Is that how it works?


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    EA's generally don't contact you unless they don't have interest in a property.

    No point in registering.

    Just watch Daft and myhome. As someone who was previously looking for a property, I've stopped in anticipation on the market falling. But I was looking for a new investment property, so it may not suit you to wait.

    But be careful with EA's, they will try to extract the max price from you, and there are quite a few devious operators.

    Best of luck.

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    What about the banks. There is a house locally that has been repossessed years ago and sometimes people come to view it but I have never seen it advertised anywhere??? I may be interested at the right price but there is no info I can find on contact details, etc.

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    EAs get feck all for "extracting the max out of you"and there is serious consequences for fake bids, which is why most are now looking for proof of AIP before excepting bids. We have a shortage of property and lots of savings. It's other people, the government via housing associations and REITS pushing up the prices not the EA.

    The EA works for the vendor not the buyer.

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    Define feck all from the perspective of someone who is trying to max their commission?

    I can tell you from actual experience they do, and that is from both sides of the argument ie, I'll tell the bidder I have a higher offer....

    The consequences are not there, they are supposed to record bids but don't have to give you the information. I have often bid on properties where they don't even ask about AIP or source of funds in my case. I only have to show much later in the process, when they feel a sale is about to close.

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    I would look on myhome for what's on view this weekend and go to see a few apartments, talk to the EA there about what else they might have and have something to hand them like a card with your name, number and email. With short note like, mortgage approved looking for, large 2 bed in area xyz. Even suggest they take a photo so they don't lose it. Sometimes you get people selling on the QT and they might contact you

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  • Registered Users Posts: 13,505 ✭✭✭✭Mad_maxx is better than daft ( my is rubbish) , they always remove out of date adds far quicker

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    If you know a specific area you're interested in, take a walk around and note any signs you see. Something I've noticed recently is that two separate houses in about 1km of me had For Sale signs up with local estate agents, but no on-line presence in the usual places. Both have since sold. Not sure if the same would go for apartments though.

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    Master of the Universe

    Some estate agents have newsletters you can sign up with new house listings, I think DNG and Sherry Fitz do these if I remember correctly.

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    They're just two search interfaces to the same site - try the Contact Us link on!

    I don't think there's any significant number of houses for sale that aren't listed on both, or any that aren't on one or the other. Unlike rentals, there is absolutely no reason to restrict how widely you advertise.

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    I just find very simple and clutter free

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  • Registered Users Posts: 687 ✭✭✭dontmindme

    When you say "clutter free" don't you really mean "feature free"?

    Where's the advanced search? where's the address search? where's the property type filter?...sheesh!

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    I wouldn't bother with registering with EAs. They will always list stuff on Daft/Myhome and their website too. All you get is pressure and influence of a 3rd party. Keep your own independent search, and wait patiently.

    You're new and have no idea what you're doing, I can relate. Something that might help is focus your search a little, identify areas you want and set alerts for them. You can go as far as identifying apartments you'd be interested in, google the address see some past postings, images, price history. Satellite view it, go on streetview, think of how many similar units there might be around, property price register will tell you how often they got traded, it sets some realistic expectations of what you might get, for how much, how soon.

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    Also it helps tremendously if you have somebody you can trust to help you with the process. I normally brought a family member along as a second pair of eyes, it's very easy to get heated up and make an impulse decision.

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    495k for the Liberties?

    Not sure what people are smoking when buying in D8, but they should share it with the rest of us so we can bid crazy on money pits :)