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Expanding array - SW facing - y/n and costs

  • 23-10-2022 10:19pm
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    Hey folks, I’d be interested in general thoughts and advice.

    so my current set up is 14 panels JA 390W (8 on string a, 6 on string b) Solis 6kW Hybrid 5g 2 x Puredrive 5kW (and a change rover switch).

    my roof is SW facing 219 degrees, it’s a double pitch with a low angle. 8 panels on the front and 6 on the middle front, worth noting front most and rear most roofs are longer than the internal facing pitches, hence 6 on the sw facing internal roof.

    right now I’m planning on putting around another 8-10 panels on the rear most roof. The thinking being that despite them being on the rear (NE) I will get a lot from them in the morning and through to lunchtime in the summer months and even in the winter they will contribute a bit. To put in in context in the summer when the sun rises at 5am behind us, the font panels start producing at around 6am. Ideally the rear panels will cover the showers and breakfast, washing machine and get the battery topped up early, then the front panels can focus on charging the car and getting any FIT credit.

    Our house is completely electric, A2 after panels and batteries were installed. Heat pump is providing hot water, no eddi installed.

    I got a finger in the air quote from my installer today of €4k for the 8 panels 🤪. Feels spicy given I know he’s roughly charging about 250 a panel so about €2k for those. The panels might need optimisers or even a separate small inverter due to being the opposite direction to the SW ones. All that though and €2k for install feels like a typo, €4k for 3kW where it’s an expansion seems high.

    either way, would be interest to hear others thoughts on both adding the additional panels and how best to manage the new string.

    finally, I’ll be tracking usage closely and deciding what to do battery wise circa Easter, might start a YouTube channel… 🥸

    thanks in advance for you thoughts (useful ones that is 😇)

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  • Moderators, Education Moderators, Home & Garden Moderators Posts: 7,822 Mod ✭✭✭✭Jonathan

    What about a few panels on the SE(ish?) shed roof (assuming that is a shed under the red 7 dot above)? You could likely DIY that. Few panels and microinverter.

    EDIT: SE (I was right the first time)

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    I did think that alright, and I think I will. I’ve ran power out already and have a small CU there. It’s an 8-10ft shed so wouldn’t get a lot on it, but must go on the hunt for DIY kit. Will be a nice project.

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    After replacing a few panels, inverter etc. myself I would 100% recommend the DIY route.

    It is very straightforward after.