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Is Irish neutrality beyond questioning?


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    Just heard on radio a discussion on neutrality. Any decision at any level- especially at gov level - should always be open for review as circumstances change. The deck on on neutrality in Ireland was made circa 80 + ago. I get the impression from the Keep Ireland neutral side that the decision should stay forever. That side is never asked is there any circumstances where Ireland might consider getting involved in a ‘dispute’ /war with another country. For example , if the UK decided to treat all Irish people living in the UK in a very inhuman way and Ireland accused the UK of behaving as a pariah state - like Russia- would we still stand aside and watch our Irish passport holding citizens being brutalised, maimed , killed , raped, etc, etc.

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    I'm splitting this side-discussion away before it may develop so it can have its own life here.

    While a consequence of Russian actions in Ukraine, it is a different discussion to that in its parent thread.

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    Neutrality is , apparently , about not taking sides. So would Ireland remain neutral if it offered the same set of skills re mine clearance to both sides. One side may not accept the offer but that is there right.

    the Irish army is involved at times in Ireland on clearly non army business eg providing security in money transfer between banks ; helping out with transport in times of severe flooding; helping out during Covid, etc, etc.

    so how would Keeping Ireland Neutral rule if the Irish army helped Ukr OR both factions with non war logistics such as helping to plough fields , run soup kitchens, provide and operate a transport service for private citizens in very remote/rural areas, etc, etc.

    Also is Ireland not taking sides by providing accommodation, health education support to Ukr refugees. Is this not helping Ukr to provide the next generation of Ukr to keep the war going, into the future; supporting the current war by looking after the families of those doing the fighting - they having one less BIG worry