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Landlord doubling rent

  • 17-10-2022 11:43am
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    Hi so my landlord is looking to double our rent. We never had any contract in place it was a friend of the family we just paid him through the bank for the past 3 years well 2 to him and one year to his mother until the house was his. He is now finally trying to get the house up to minimum standards (the house has had numerous issues but he didn't care too much until now we just fixed everything ourselves because the rent was kinda cheap) so he can rent it to us through a letting agent as he lives in a different country. Where do we stand here? can he legally do this? and if we cant pay how long would we have to get out of the property? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.


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    Are you in an RPZ?

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    Did you get comparators of equivalent properties in your notice of rent increase?

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    No we haven't been given any information yet just an email saying that our rent will be X amount from the end of this month and they are going to send us a contract soon.

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    There is a minimum period of notice of rent increase required. Open a dispute with the RTB

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    From the RTB site~:-

    outside of Rent Pressure Zones landlords can only review the rent 24 months after the tenancy commencement date or 24 months from the date of service of the last valid rent review. The review must be based on current market rent and three comparable properties must be provided by the landlord to show evidence as to how the new rent amount was arrived at. 

    The landlord must include the rent amount for three comparable dwellings of a similar size, type and character and situated in a comparable area to establish market rent. Evidence of the rent charged for comparable properties can be in the form of advertisements for such properties published within the previous four weeks. 

    A tenant must be informed of any review to the rent with at least 90 days’ notice in writing of a change in rent (an email or text is not considered appropriate notice of a rent review). All landlords must serve a notice of rent review ensuring that they follow the Notice of Rent Review. The Notice of Rent Review must be followed closely, and landlords should not deviate from the wording used therein, change the format of the notice, or delete information from same as doing so could invalidate the Notice of Rent Review in full. 

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    That's not how it works. This page has all the details of what he must do to give notice of a rent review and rent increase. His change in the rent is not valid unless he follows that process to the letter, and if he doesn't, you can raise a dispute with the RTB regarding the invalid rent review notice.

    In essence:

    • He can only review the rent 24 months after the last time it was set. If he's never raised your rent since the start of your tenancy, that's not an issue in this case, though.
    • He must notify you in writing using the required notice format on the above page at least 90 days in advance of the new rent taking effect.
    • He cannot set the new rent higher than market rent, and the notice must include three examples of current rental listings for comparable properties (similar in size, type, and location to yours) to demonstrate that the rent he is setting is at or under the market rent for your sort of property.
    • He must notify the RTB of the new rent once it takes effect.