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Physics degree worthwhile?

  • 12-10-2022 9:37pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 Coachhedge

    I am currently doing a science degree in Maynooth University which will probably end with me getting a degree in experimental or mathematical physics but never in my life have I felt so fucked or tired, lmao.

    I'm right out of Leaving Cert and I would have gone to UCD instead if I had any confidence in my grades. I thought I wasn't even going to get 400 points so I chose MU for my degree but sham, I came out of that sucker with a whole ass 613. So here I am now, in a university that I only chose because I had no faith in myself doing a degree that now I'm not even sure is going to pay me back when I get out of it.

    Here's where I wanted to ask; are there even jobs for me if I continue with physics? I've heard of so many people going to work in Intel after completing a bachelors in physics, but I have absolutely ZERO clue about career progression there, if they were looking for people with insight in semi-conductors I feel like electrical engineers would have a lot more opportunity for career progression there. Next I've heard about a lot of people continuing on to do PhDs (because Masters don't cut it apparently) but even then I have zero clue what jobs you can get with it, is the best you can do lecturing or if you're really lucky or maybe have friends in high places, becoming a professor? Are there no other jobs?

    Personally if I continue with physics I would probably transfer to UCD and continue physics there OR physics with astronomy and astrophysics. Then there was a really enticing masters there of MSc Space Science and Technology which could get you connected with the ESA. This would be pretty amazing for me, if it wasn't for how I don't know how competitive it is. How hilarious would it be if I went and got those degrees and then got rejected by the ESA. I wouldn't even be able to get a job in Intel because a BSc in Physics and a MSc in Space Science and Technology makes it look like I'm focused on something so specialised, I wouldn't fit in.

    Hahahahaha, Idek anymore, maybe I'm having a midlife crisis 20 years early or maybe I'm overscrutinising everything but I was considering saying **** it, dropping out of this degree and going into mechanical engineering but a friend of mine was saying how how loads of people who got mechanical engineering jobs ended up working alongside him in Technimark in Longford making only a euro or two more than him (18 and also without a degree) per hour. I would genuinely be interested in doing Mech. Eng. if I thought there were well paying jobs for it. I used to think that engineering would get you a decent buck but now I don't even know.

    Anyways if anyone has any advice that would be pretty cool, if not, its not so terrible just typing an essay to a screen for comfort.