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Eddi (hot water diverter) question. Tank 1 and Tank 2.

  • 05-10-2022 5:18pm
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    I only got panels and Eddi installed recently and notice today that when I went to boost the Tank 2 it says that it has reached its max temperature. I was always under the impression that Tank 1 was "sink" and Tank 2 was "bath" as per old switch removed.

    Does the above make sense? Is that normally that order when the Eddi gets wired to the element?

    I now prioritised Tank 2 over Tank 1. I had Tank 1 being priorised before.

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    Normally 1 is Sink, 2 is Bath i.e. 1 top of tank, 2 bottom of tank.

    Sounds like installer mixed the cables up

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    My cylinder has Tank 1 as sink and Tank 2 as bath, you can confirm by checking power consumption in app, bath is about 2kW I think. In my case there’s no element at the bottom of the tank they both come in on top. Thought I saw someone mention (@unkel ?) that if top of tank is already warm from sink element Eddi won’t heat further with surplus but can be manually boosted.

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    Typically immersion heaters only have 1 thermostat near the top of the tank, so when the temp is reached you have to wait a bit for the tank to cool down by 2-3C and then you can use the other element.

    The Eddi has a "Priority" function though on the menus, so if they have wired it backwards (which also happened to me) I have the sink as the according to the eddi it's heating the top of the tank, but in's heating the bottom.

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    Ok my initial thoughts were somehow wrong.

    This is the case.

    Tank 1 (whatever coil that is, sink or batch) works with surplus from PV panels or via the app if I use the boost button.

    Tank 2. It always gives me the message max temperature reached although the water in the cylinder is cold.

    I read about the immersion thermostat tripping but if that was the case I guess tank 1 should give me the same max temp message?

    Another possibility is that it was wired incorrectly to tank 2 and isolater is off (if that makes any sense)?

    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like Immersion 2 has possible tripped, there should be a very small button to press under the metal cover on the outside of the tank, if you do this and hear a faint click then that was the issue.

    Immersion 1 is independent from Immersion 2 so will still work perfectly if 2 is faulty

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    So it turned out that the immersion heater only has one element!!

    That means the sink/ bath I had before did nothing!