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Zgemma H7S Saorview - missing channels

  • 03-10-2022 7:55pm
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    Just got one of these boxes and intitially just trying to setup Saorview out of the box.

    It's running OpenATV version 6.1 currently but I'll possibly change this in the future.

    When I scan it says 28 channels found, but there's a few missing:


    Virgin Media 3 and 4

    RTE1 + 1

    RTE2 + 1

    Few of the radio channels missing as well.

    If I pick one of the channels that are found and view the info, it's showing SNR of around 40% - is this perhaps too low?

    TV with built in Saorview receiver is able to pick up all the Saorview channels with the same cable.

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    Thats fine

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    Apologies, that should have read H7S.

    I've updated the thread title to reflect this.

    Based in rosslare so assuming I'd be coming off forth mountain transmitter?

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    When you do the scan are you you scrolling down as you may get blank spaces.

    Go here and put in your eircode, you might get a choice

    And you may have a poor aerial.

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    How is the aerial feed split between the TV and box? Any amp installed?

  • Registered Users Posts: 415 ✭✭gouche

    This is what I get once the scan finishes. I can scroll down and there is more TV and radio channels but lots of blank spaces which show no picture when selected in EPG.

    It's actually Mount Leinster that website says to use, which is channel 23 or 26. Nothing is found when scanning 26 though.

    As far as I'm aware there is no amp installed. Cable run is about 15m max straight from aerial into Zgemma box.

    If it was a poor aerial surely we wouldn't get the missing channels onthe TVs tuner?

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    The missing channels you mentioned earlier are from a single mux/frequency, Mux 2, UHF Ch. 26 from Mt. Leinster. So, the received signal for this mux is below the threshold for reception and the other Mux at 40% is borderline.

    Which transmitter is your aerial pointing at and is it the correct group aerial for that transmitter?

    How is the aerial feed split between the TV and the box? You say the run is direct from the aerial to the box, how does the feed get to the TV?

    What are the signal strength and signal quality readings for the 2 muxes/frequencies at the TV?

    Difficult to know where the fault lies without knowing the setup or how good/bad the signal is at the TV

    Fault could be a misaligned aerial or wrong aerial with the TV having a more sensitive tuner than the box, or a bad connection somewhere or a faulty cable or the TV closer to the aerial or ... etc etc.

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    On TV with same cable run I'm getting the missing channels, coming in in CH26 but signal strength and quality is very poor so I'd say you could be right about a faulty or misaligned aerial.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Just out of interest have you configured the terrestial tuner to ireland and then the correct region? And have you tried signal finder and put in the other channels for the other transmitters, you never know you might get a better signal.

    I cant figure out the cable set up from the aerial, is it just one coax cable that you are unplugging from the tv and then joining the tv using coax out on h7s. If you have 2 cables coming from aerial, I have seen it done, it may be your problem. I have a masthead amp going into a 3 way splitter for 3 tv's.

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    You might need an aerial upgrade if its been up there a while, maybe up to 24 years old, since UHF TV 3 started.

    Could also be a dodgy cable or even a corroded connection to the aerial.

    Mt Leinster is a Group A aerial transmitter, the aerial up there might be out of group or wideband.

    How far away is Mt Leinster from your location as per the Saorview coverage checker?