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The Cure

  • 01-10-2022 10:27pm
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    I was of two minds whether to post this under Health or Culture the later won out because of its deep connection with tradition.

    Put quite simply - do you believe in The Cure? 

    It was a casual conversation I had in the supermarket this afternoon that set me to thinking about it. A friend was telling me about his wife been in hospital. Nothing whatsoever to do with his wife but we ended up talking about the people we knew of and went to healer A, B, or C and ended up healed

    The Cure has often been something I've wondered about, was it a load of old wives’ tales, or is 'the cure' real but can't be explained. I like to think of myself as a rational individual not given to irrational beliefs like walking under a ladder. My mother wouldn't kill a spider as they had weaved their threads around Jesus' wounds! But 'the cure'?

    As an individual I've some thoughts on it. My grandfather was supposed to have a strong cure of the sprain, but I've no first hand experience of it and it's said that my late father and his brother wouldn't accept it.

    When I was a child, and that's over half a century ago, I developed epilepsy and I know my parents did everything they could to. get me the best treatment available. I don't know but I'm sure they did try the cure for me, but no joy.

    Healers, as they are often referred to, are very secretive about their particular cure or cures, fearful that they might fall into the wrong hands. Is it Irish superstition based in our old pagan background owing more to the power of suggestion, or placebo. Explain then why a Cure on some children seem to work. I throw that out to encourage debate. If I had a sprain or something more serious would I go to a healer - I might - but only after going to a medical doctor. I've written a lot so I'll end with a it of legend and history.

    Maybe the secrecy dates backs to the Cistercians who were once believed to hold all the cures in Ireland but, fearing Norman invaders and political turmoil, they secretly dispersed different cures to families throughout Ireland for safekeeping. Yes/No ?


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    I believe in boy's don't cry, and on Fridays I'm usually in love...and on Saturdays I go into Disintegration....

    There's a lot of cure's out there, I knew a Welsh guy. I called him the wizard . He had a plant for most ailments in his garden. Making up all kinds of concoctions different ailments.

    He also liked dabbling with the likes of wormwood and Hawthorne leaves.

    If you go into a good second hand shop you'll find a lot of books about herbs etc a lot of people rely on modern day medicine for everything.

    But I dabble in herbal remedies now and again and have had results.

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    I knew an astrophysicist once who would do likewise. What I'm really talking about are the old country cures like the cure of the sprain, the cure of bleeding, the cure for warts, that type of thing.

    My reason for asking is that I'm just interested in peoples thoughts, those for whom the cure worked and from those for whom it had no effect. It would be wonderful if someone with a cure would comment. I do appreciate they are closely guarded secrets. We hope!